Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I write these words from a spirit of praise, giving Adonai (God) all the glory that my finite being can visibly express. When I consider the journey that Adonai set me on almost two years ago when a prophet spoke a word to me about a work that God was calling me to. From that word God sent me to the Prophetic School of the Scribe where under the spiritual mentoring and discipling that I received from Apostle Theresa Johnson much clarity was brought in my life regarding the will of God and His desire for the WOW community that He would bring forth through me His servant.
Finally God spoke a year ago and told me it was time to release Watchman On Walls International Fellowship through a conference call that was held on Monday October 1, 2012. At the time I didn't know that this was the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles in 2012. In those first days we met on the telephone every Monday at 9:00 p.m. EST. But is was necessary to scale down as 2013 came in and since January of this year we have met on 1st and 3rd Mondays each month.
I can't really speak for anyone else but myself but I can testify that many of these calls have been edifying, encouraging and exhilarating. Of course there has been more times then I care to admit that I was too tired to go on and wanted to cancel the call but Holy Spirit who called me to bring forth this fellowship always gave me the heart and passion to press on. Recently I was commended by Apostle Johnson for my faithfulness to this work as we soon will celebrate our first year anniversary. The commendation meant a great deal to me because Apostle Johnson has been a great apostolic model to me and has been a consistent advisor and mother to WOW but I must also praise Adonai for His faithfulness to me and the creative people that have been with us on these calls, many of them have been consistently on these calls since the first one in October of last year.
When Adonai gave me the vision for WOW I knew that we would be move forward one day from only being a conference call to hosting an actual meeting. Again this is part of the vision for WOW. And that time is now. Holy Spirit has led us to host our first physical meeting on Saturday September 28, 2013. The site is the Huntersville Arts and Cultural Center located at 109 South Old Statesville Road Huntersville NC 20078. The time of the meeting is 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
The first time I visited Huntersville I sensed the Holy Spirit brooding over this community as He did in Genesis 1:2. Of course I don't know everything that God is doing and that the satan is doing, because whenever God is moving in a community you can be sure that the devil is moving as well, but I do know in my spirit that there is a creative move in that community and that WOW will do what Holy Spirit is sending it to do.
As I write these words I hear Holy Spirit saying regarding Huntersville, I am bringing unity and agreement to my people in Huntersville. For many this is a season of perfection and completion. I am making perfect what is lacking and I am bringing endings to what I have begun in earlier seasons. For many this is the time of new beginnings, I am setting new seasons and new doors before you. You have rested and walked in my Sabbath Huntersville and now is time to possess what I have set before you. Be not concern about what is ending for I am making something new for you to come into.    
WOW is inviting Spoken Word Artist, Written Word Artist and Worship Artist to join us on September 28. We are a mentoring and discipling ministry called to impart the Word of the Lord and stand in intercession for God's creative servants. Our mission is to form a creative community of artists who support each other in fellowship and release the move of God through creative gifts. We believe that God reaches people through creativity and we are called to mentor and disciple those whom God is calling to bring a harvest of souls into the kingdom of God through creative ministry.
If you are interested in attending this meeting on Saturday September 28, 2013 at Huntersville Arts and Cultural Center and have questions please send your enquiries to watchmanonwalls@yahoo.com or inbox us on Facebook at our page Watchman On Walls International Fellowship. I look forward to meeting you on September 28, 2013.   
Bernard Boulton