Sunday, August 24, 2014


From Wednesday to Friday of the convention Elder Jeffrey Rainey, the Bible Expositor of the Convention, the pastor of the Christian Union Primitive Baptist Church Mobile Alabama and Vice Moderator of the West Alabama Primitive Baptist Association, stood to proclaim the word of God and expound on the theme of the year's convention. The theme for this session was, CELEBRATING THE CHURCH; TAKING THE GOSPEL TO THE NATIONS.

In his final exposition of the theme, delivered on Friday morning, Rainey declared to the convention that the churches must be prepared for those who will leave. Rainey called this, "The Leaving Possibility."

"When you teach and tell people the requirements, and the restrictions of membership, many will leave...This is important because when people unite with the Church, they do not bring anything. This is true for members. When a person unites with the Church, he or she is asked, "Are you willing to be governed by the rules and the regulations of the Church?" They don't not bring rules with them. They are not to come in and condemn what exists already in order to change the Church to do what they want. The fact is they did not unite with Pentecostals, Full Gospel Baptist, Non-denominational, Christian Center. They united with Primitive Baptist.

"This is true for ministers. When a minister is called to a Church, he does not bring anything with him. He does not bring his doctrine. He is to understand, undergird and uphold the doctrine of the Primitive Baptist Church.

"A minister is not to come in our Church and try to change what the Church is. He is not to bring with him where he comes from and what he is used to doing and try to impose that belief or that practice on our Church.

"When a member of minister chooses to not be governed by the teachings of the Primitive Baptist Church, they should depart of be dismissed."

The election for others officers were held in the final business session. Elder Kenneth Duke of Miami Florida was reelected as Vice President and the entire slate of officers will remain in office for another year. The final prayer was offered by Elder Kenneth Duke, pastor of the St John Primitive Baptist Church of Delray Florida and the son of the Vice President.
The National Primitive Baptist Convention was greatly tested this week in their 107th annual session. The question remains what foundation will they remain standing on? What decisions will continue to impact their destiny? Where will they go from here?      


Friday, August 22, 2014


On Thursday morning August 21, 2014 the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel on Richard Arrington Boulevard was filled to capacity. The seating capacity of the ballroom was eleven hundred and every seat was occupied. The members of the National Primitive Baptist were in attendance to hear their president gives his third annual message.

The Vice President of the Convention Elder Kenneth Duke, pastor of the New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church Miami Florida presented the wife of President Yates Lady Vonda Yates to introduce her husband,  a first in the National Convention.

Yates gave an incredible introduction as she spoke from her heart about her husband and their life together. Yates has been a constant encourager of her husband. Like her husband she is a powerful intercessor and a passionate worshipper. And she is a preacher. In the 2011 election that catapulted her husband to the presidency by a margin of seven votes many believed that her ministry as a preacher,  in a church that doesn't recognize her as  preacher, would cause her husband to be defeated in the election. However he prevailed and so has she.

Lady Yates said about her husband President Yates, "I have shared many mountaintop experiences with my husband and I have shared many valley experiences with him. We have known abundance and we have suffered great need. But every time I hear him proclaim the Word of God I have to say the man I thought I knew is the man I don't really know.

"There is a hidden part in my husband as there is in every preacher that is only revealed when he preaches."

President Bernard C. Yates stood to declare the Word of the Lord surrounded by the leadership of the convention. He shared his concern for expanding the convention outreach to gather the youth of the Primitive Baptist Church in their own convention/conference.

Yates preached from Nehemiah 6 "Keep on working." He encouraged the members to do the work, to remain focused and to see the work as God sees the work.

Yates declared that the Primitive Baptist church is in transition. There are Primitive Baptists who speaks in tongues and prophesy. The church is operating in the five fold ministry. Don't be afraid of it teach.


Thursday, August 21, 2014


Does God call women to preach? Should women preach and have ministerial responsibilities in the Primitive Baptist Church? Are Primitive Baptist churches that allow women to preach violating a law of the Primitive Baptist Church?

These questions and many others have entered the dialogue of the National Primitive Baptist Convention at various times over the last twenty years. In the mid nineties a resolution was proposed by the Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church of Charlotte North Carolina to permit women to preach and receive ordination. Although the resolution was roundly rejected there was much debate and emotional outburst in that session.

Every year the Committee on Public Policy and Resolution has entered the official position of the National Primitive Baptist Convention that the Primitive Baptist Church does not condone the licensing or ordaining of women to the ministry. At various times Pastors have challenged this official policy.

But this year has offered a different presentation to this particular law. Elder Ernest Mathis, the pastor of the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church of Los Angeles, was selected to preach the introductory message for the official opening of the Convention. Instead of preaching a message Mathis took the opportunity to publicly challenge and address a letter written and distributed by Elder Ernest Ferrell. Mathis said that the former president, Elder Doctor Ernest Ferrell of Tallahassee Florida  who served for six years, never addressed the matter of women preaching during his tenure and why would he address it now?

The letter that Mathis addressed in his remarks is a letter that was sent to the members of the Convention in March of this year. The letter stated that the convention had become unstable because of administrative measures carried out by the present administration. It defended the presidency of Ferrell and the Convention Planner during Ferrell's administration Elder Lee Harris of Jacksonville Florida.

Ferrell also addressed the issue of women preaching and documented the discussion/debate offered during the Winter Board meeting in February in Nashville Tennessee. Mathis's daughter who pastored a Primitive Baptist Church in San Bernardino California was named in the letter in reference to a question offered by the moderator of the West Alabama Elder John Dees is it right to allow a church to register in the National Primitive Baptist Convention that is pastored by a woman?

Mathis offered his opinions on the matter of women in ministry, citing the daughters of Zelophedad in Numbers 27 as a biblical reference. Mathis named several other Pastors in his remarks who were also named in Ferrell's letter.

Although there was a deafening silence among the convention, for those who stayed; many walked out, there was outbursts of affirmation and applause directed to Mathis's words.

Anger and different emotions were on the faces of many delegates as they departed from the ballroom after the service was over. The emotions of the introductory worship spilled over into the first business session that convened that afternoon.

In the business session a resolution was offered by the St Mary Primitive Baptist Church of Tallahassee Florida that levied charges against pastors in  leadership in the National Convention. No names were offered in the resolution but some of the charges were, "Drastic actions must be taken against many of our pastors who are in leadership positions in the Primitive Baptist Convention and other pastors in some local churches who are disregarding our Primitive Baptist Discipline...The Discipline of the Primitive Baptist Church, established more than one hundred years clearly documents the biblical position on women preachers. Year after year the convention has reaffirmed its position on licensing and ordaining women as preachers...Throughout the United States of America many of our Primitive Baptist Pastors are circumventing the law by standing on the grounds that they have not licensed or ordained women preachers. the fact of the matter is if women are preaching in Primitive Baptist Churches, the discipline is being violated because without a license no one should be allowed to preach in the pulpit of Primitive Baptist churches."

The discussion that followed the reading of this resolution, after it was ruled out of order by the Parliamentarian, Elder Edward Hayes of Pensacola Florida, was acrimonious, contentious and combative.

The final speaker in the debate was Elder Yates, the President. He asked for a conversation on this matter stating that the Word of God is the only record that can't be revised and must be followed above the law of the Discipline. He also said that every document is open to revision but the Word of God. Yates defended Mathis saying that he was a father defending his daughter. Lastly Yates said that the convention should have a meaningful dialogue after prayer and fasting.

With the discussion ended the floor was open for nominations for President. The Vice President Elder Kenneth Duke of Miami Florida nominated Yates to serve a second three year term. Because there were no other nominations offered for President  the floor voted to elect Yates. Bernard C. Yates was elected for a second term as the thirteenth president of the National Primitive Baptist Convention.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Yesterday was both an ending and a beginning at the National Primitive Baptist Convention in Birmingham Alabama. For ten years Elder Doctor Larry Tatum, the pastor of the New Sardis Primitive Baptist Church in Cleveland Ohio for twenty six years, has led the Church School Congress as its president. But because of the limit of terms that a person can serve in the position of president Tatum reached his limit this year. And so an era of faithful leadership has come to an end.

Deacon Harold Batts has been the Vice President of the Church School Congress for ten years. Batts is a deacon at the Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church where the Elder Doctor Oscar Montgomery is the pastor. The church school congress promoted Batts to the office of president yesterday. This is a historic moment because only Pastors have led the Church School Congress. Batts will be first laymen to lead this congress.

In his closing message as President Tatum spoke to the body about "The Vital Signs of Leadership." In his farewell message Tatum addressed the need for vision in the Primitive Baptist Church. He encouraged followers to be followers and submit to leadership. He addressed the cahllenges in the church in this time and declared that the righteous pursuit of God's word will release blessings on his people,

With the election of Batts all of the auxiliary congresses and councils of the National Primitive Baptist Convention are now led by laymen and laywomen. Only the General Body is led by a Pastor. It will be interesting to see what fruit will come forth from this development of leadership in this National Convention.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Last evening the leadership and delegation of the National Primitive Baptist  Convention met for a Welcome Program in the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

The welcome program is an opportunity for the host church, area associations and city officials to give addresses of affirmation and appreciation to the National PRIMITIVE  Baptist Convention for their presence in the respective city that they have gathered in. The mayor of Birmingham,  the honorable William A. Bell welcomed the members of the convention and thrilled the delegation with his humorous remarks and declarations of praise.

Presiding as Master of Ceremony was Doctor Richard Arrington, the first African American mayor of  Birmingham who lead this city from  1979-1999. Arrington, a national legend, brilliant politician, and innovative leader is a faithful and loyal member of the National Primitive Baptist  Convention. He serves at the Crumby Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Fairfield Alabama as a Deacon.

The music was offered by the combined choirs of Central Alabama.  The convention was moved and thrilled by the variety of musical offerings that ascended to the throne of God through these incredible vessels of sounds.

The 13th President  of the National Primitive Baptist Convention Elder Bernard C. Yates commended the organizers and participants for a generous welcome effort.

Today is the third day of the convention gathering. On the third day of creation God called forth the land to appear from the water and God called the land Earth. And God called forth the seed to come forth and produce fruit. On the third day God called forth the fruit that was in the seed.

Today, the third day God is opening the ears of the members of the National Primitive Baptist Convention  to hear Him calling forth in them what HE has deposited and has hidden for such a time of this. Now it's time for manifestation.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Yesterday, the opening day of the National Primitive Baptist Convention was a day of spirit filled worship and fellowship. Elder  Brandon Mason pastor of the Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church in Arrington Tenn preached with power and persuasion, exhorting the people to stand still and see the salvation of God. Elder Mason said Many of us cant see the move of God because we won't stand still.

The Locust Ridge choir sang with great ability ushering the convention into the realm of worship where heaven and earth connects and the supernatural presence of God manifest, known as the shekinah glory.

At 5:00 p.m. the National Youth Congress assembled for worship. A praise team led by Brother Tim Barnes of the Mount Rose Primitive Baptist Church in Ferris Texas brought the convention into the courts of God where the throne of God is established and His grace is available to every one in need.

The message was delivered by Minister Reginald Yates of the Mount Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church. Reginald is the son of Elder Maynard and Lessie Yates. With great homilectical skill and spiritual ability Minister Yates preached from Jude 24-25, "God is Able."

Today the George Washington Gibson School of Religion begins. The school of religion was named after Elder George Gibson, an intellectual giant in his generation who contributed greatly to the educational dimension of the Progressive Primitive Baptist movement. Elder Gibson was a leader of Christian thought who's legacy continue to have influence and impact to this very day.

The school of ministry offer classes for the spiritual and ministerial development of the members of the convention. For three days, Monday thru Wednesday beginning at 8:00 a.m. hundreds of members will gather to receive impartation and instruction.

Pastor Bernard Boulton of the New Mine Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Blairs Va will be teaching Pastors and Ministers on the Preaching Life: Living Well to Finish Well. Last year Pastor Boulton introduced his book, The Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth. Some of the principles that Pastor Boulton taught were:

1. Prophetic Preaching is releasing in the earth the will and heart of the heavenly Father to reconcile men to Himself.

2. Discovering Prophetic Purpose.

3. The Prophetic Preacher: The warfare specialist.

The material of this book will bring great revelation and understanding to you regarding the prophetic nature of prophetic preaching. You can order a ebook copy of the Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth at    

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today Sunday August  17, 2014 the delegates of the National Primitive Baptist Convention begins a week of fellowship, worship and education. For one hundred and seven years members of Primitive Baptist Churches in the south, west, east and north have traveled near and far to strengthened their bonds of fellowship, to trumpet the cause of  Jesus and to enjoy great singing and preaching and teaching.

This year will be no exception. The worship will combine the elements of the history of this church and the contemporary innovations that has been employed in the worship experience to make the pursuit of God a convergence of the past, present and future.

Historically the worship services of Primitive Baptists always begin with the deacons of the church leading in what is known as devotion. The deacons lead the congregation in song, scripture reading and prayers. The songs maybe congregational hymns that is familiar to the congregation or metered hymns which are songs that are led by a Deacon lining the words of the hymn and the congregation following by singing with him. Although many Primitive Baptist  no longer sing what is known as metered hymns it is still apart of the historicity of this church.

Following the devotion the convention will be ministered to by the singing of the choir. The National Primitive Baptist Convention is blessed with an exceptional National Choir. All week long this choir will usher the convention into the realm of glory with powerful and passionate singing. It is the vision of the President, Elder Bernard  Yates to capture the sound of this choir in recording. The convention waits with anticipation to this project taking form and releasing a  sound of excellence in the earth.

The message for Sunday Worship will be delivered by Elder Brandon Mason pastor of Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church in Arrington Tennessee. Elder Mason is a dynamic, charismatic preacher of the Gospel. The atmosphere will be charged with anticipation to what The Lord will declare to His people through His messenger.

Later today the delegates of the convention will gather for the  National President Vision Banquet. Another great voice in the church will stand to deliver a word. Pastor Maurice Watson of the Beulahland Bible Church in  Macon Georgia will be the guest preacher. PAstor Watson is known throughout the church in America for his unique dramatic presentation of the Word of God.

With this  being an election year and many challenges facing this convention, declining membership, challenges to the prohibition of women in the preaching ministry and a danger of deception blinding many of God's people this week will determine if  the Primitive Baptist have an opportunity to advance, retreat or stand still. By Friday the last day of the convention they will know what they have chosen to do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prophesying over More NATIONS

Today I am continuing to write the prophetic words that the Lord has given me for nations. Bernard's Word has had visits from sixteen countries around the word. We believe that it is our call to stand in intercessions for these nations that the will of God be done in them. Prophetic intercession is when we receive from the Lord what He wants us to pray in the earth. In this medium we are partners with the Lord in bringing His desire over the nations to pass. The Lord's heart is for nations. He called His ecclesia to go and make disciples of nations.

As you are led join us at Bernard's Word in prophesying over these nations.

Belgium: The Lord says that My Name shall be exalted in this country. The people shall know that I am the Lord who loves them. I am living and moving throughout the land. My Spirit is blowing a fresh wind over the nation. I am touching every region. My servants are set in key places to carry my power and authority throughout the land and they know me as their God.

Netherlands: I have made you a refuge for many countries throughout your continent. They seek peace within your border. They seek My peace in your land. I am giving you a standard of compassion that will shine before the nations of the world. I am giving you my love and my heart for the depressed and the broken. You will be my standard of love in the world.            

Friday, April 11, 2014


Thanks to everyone who has come to the site daily since we announced our celebration as a blog for four years. I will give gifts to those who have posted remarks. As a point of celebration we will also list the sixteen countries that have visited Bernard's Word and by the leading of Holy Spirit we will publish prophetic words that He has given us for each country. This is the reason why we haven't posted anything because we are waiting on Holy Spirit to give us the words to prophesy over all sixteen countries. But I was led by Holy Spirit to publish the words we have received for four countries.
 We want each of the countries to know that we are interceding for you and prophesying over you. The destiny in each country will be accomplished by Holy Spirit. Take these words and prophesy over your country as we are.
Turkey: The Lords says I am raising up apostles in Turkeys. They are reformers who are sent to form a new wineskin. I am pouring out my new wine on the ecclesia in Turkey. This new wine is bringing my people out of a season of mourning into a season of joy. My people are receiving a new strength for these times. (Ephesians 4:11-12, Matthew 9:16-17, Deuteronomy 34:8, Isaiah 61:3; Psalms 84:5-7).

Romania: The Lords says I have kings walking in this land. They are kings who have submitted their kingdoms to my Kingdom. They walk with My grace and My nobility. They are Knights of the Cross. I have given them authority and power to overthrow the principalities of hell. They are warring in the realm of the spirit to establish my kingdom in the land. (Revelation 5:10; Matthew 11:12; Matthew 16:19; Ephesians 6:12; Colossians 1:20; Revelation 11:15).

Brazil: I was reading an article about the Football Confederation in Brazil. I read this statement made by Jose Maria the Chairman of the football confederation, "If we win the Cup we will go to heaven; but if we lose we all go to hell." I heard the Lord say as I read these words, I have set life and death before Brazil. Chose life and win heaven. Win My justice, My prosperity, My peace. These are the days were your choices will determine your future. Align with Me and you will have life more abundantly. (Deuteronomy 30;15; Joshua 1:8; John 10:10)

China: I am preparing my Ecclesia in China as Esther was prepared for the king. In your set time you will come forth and shine as My Bride. You will overthrow the plots of Haman that is forming in your land. You will walk in radiance and authority. You will show my Body how to be an overcoming body. (Esther 2:12; 4:14; 7:3-7; Revelation 2:26-28)

Let us prophesy over these countries. It is time to stand and decree the destiny of nations. Pray and prophesy that the Lord's will be done in earth as it is in heaven. When we pray we open the door for the Lord to enter the earth and accomplish His desire. When we prophesy we speak those things that are not as through they are. Prayer opens the door, prophesying forms the path beyond the door.  

Monday, March 17, 2014


First I have a confession to make. The last blog that I published was not the 100th, it was actually number 99. What I didn't know was I had one draft that I hadn't released and I didn't know that Blogger counted that draft as a post. When I erased the draft I only had 99 blogs. So this one is actually number 100.
I am inviting you to join the celebration of Bernard's Word by leaving a comment on what Bernard's Word had meant to you and how Holy Spirit has used this blog site in your life. For every comment posted on this site you will qualify to receive a gift. I want you to know how much I appreciate you coming to this site and receiving what I have shared.
Today I am listing the top ten articles that have received the most views. We are taking a look back to see what you have read the most. These articles have been instrumental in bringing over 30,000 views to Bernard's Word. Of course I believe that every article is significant and I am thankful for each one written, released and read.

10. The Unholy Alliance in Publishing. April 13, 2013
9. Watchman On Walls International Fellowship. November 6, 2012
8. Is Your Intercession a Sweet Aroma?  September 13, 2012.
7. There's Treasure Inside of You. October 22, 2011
6. Pastor Bernard Boulton Releases his second book "Divine Favor: God Acts for You When Your Enemies Act Against You. June 13, 2012.
5. When Men Pray. April 17, 2012.
4. Elder Bernard Yates visits North Carolina/Virginia States Convention. November 9, 2011
3. National Primitive Baptist Convention Elects Elder Kenneth Duke as Vice President. September 12, 2011
2. National Primitive Baptist Convention elects New President. September 1, 2011.
1. What Happened to Carlton Pearson?  April 21, 2012.
Please go back and read any of these articles. You may have your own top ten articles.
Bernard Boulton

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This month four years ago Bernard's Word was launched. My first blog, Trust the Directions, was released on March 21, 2010. I have a confession to make though, when I started Bernard's Word my motives wasn't godly. I didn't start Bernard's Word to be a creative portal that published the name of the Lord. I didn't write to speak into the lives of the people who would read my blogs. I was in a different place in 2010. I had just released my first book, Do You Wanna Be Made Whole, in December 2009 and I was following the advice of my mentors and other voices that I respected and followed. They taught me to go after what I call the three f's, fans, fame and fortune. I was taught that if I wanted people to buy my books, I needed to have a blog site and I needed to blog several times a week. I needed to build a audience that would flock to me and ultimately buy my books.

So I jumped on board and Bernard's Word was released. For a season I walked in Babylon, which is the world's system, I followed the experts and I followed people who I respected and I imitated patterns. However I never felt comfortable, because Holy Spirit would not let me get comfortable. Eventually He begin to teach the way that He wanted me to go and when my eyes became open I left Babylon. I turned Bernard's Word over to Holy Spirit and I haven't looked back.

Now Bernard's Word is a prophetic site. I only write when Holy Spirit is speaking to me to write and I write the things that He reveals in my heart. And we have reached four years of writing and sharing with you.

We are taking the rest of the month to invite you to celebrate with us. I love celebrations and anniversaries. They are times were we stop to see the landmarks, we  pause and look back and see what God has done for us and in us. And then anniversaries are sign post that causes us to look forward at the journey ahead. Holy Spirit revealed to me that when I reached the 100th post the form of Bernard's Word would change. I didn't know that I would reached BLOG 100 in the same month that I started this site four years ago. And so I am excited abut what is ahead and I am grateful for how Holy Spirit has used this blog to reach thousands of people who have visited here.

During this month I will be sharing the post that have drawn the largest numbers to Bernard's Word, I will share the countries that Bernard's Word has gone to. And I will be doing some other creative things as Holy Spirit lead. I will be sowing gifts to certain persons who visit and share what Bernard's Word has meant to you since its inception. So come on over and start writing. Among the gifts we will be sowing will be copies of the books we've written and some other gifts as well.

I want to thank you for what you have added to this site by your presence and comments and I pray that greater will meet you as you come to here to receive what Holy Spirit has for you. Shalom.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This blog was originally written on Friday February 14, 2014 but we delayed releasing it because of our remembrance of Prophet Bob Jones who died on the very day we wrote it.

U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen has ruled on a Thursday night in February in the midst of a storm that has left much of Virginia immobilized that
the Constitution of Virginia is wrong and that homosexual marriage is right.
Virginia becomes the first state in the South to open the door to homosexual marriage, although homosexuals still cannot marry until the Supreme Court decides on this matter.
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring violated his constitutional duties to defend the constitution by not defending the constitution. Mark Herring was elected to protect the constitution and in the constitution is the definition of marriage being a union of one man and one woman. But we now know that Mark Herring is a politician and politicians change with the winds. I looked for Herring's opinion on and for homosexual marriage before he was elected last November and I couldn't find his support or agreement for homosexual marriage. Herring only won by 900 votes and I guess he couldn't afford to reveal his opinion on this matter. Should Herring be impeached for his duplicity? The Virginia Christian Alliance believes that he should.
Judge Wight Allen said in her written opinion that Virginia cannot perpetuate tradition (she calls marriage ordained by God as a union of one man and one woman a tradition). By terming God's order for marriage as tradition she removes this righteous standard from the protection of the law she has been appointed to preside over.
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said "that our nation's judicial system has been infected by activist judges, which threaten the stability of our nation and the rule of law."

Virginia was paralyzed by a winter storm this week that we are just overcoming. The decision of Judge Wright Allen will release a greater storm on Virginia. Unrighteous decrees pens the door to demonic oppression and the increase of darkness in the land. Proverbs 14:34 tells us that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to a people. Homosexual marriage is a reproach that will create many destructive cycles in this state.
But yet I must speak what I believe is the heart of God. The people of God who walked in His glory and calling are called to love all of God's creation. It is time for the people of God to stand in intercession and stand in love for the homosexual community. This community needs the love of God although tolerance is not love. They need to experience His grace. They need His fellowship In Jesus Christ. They need to see that God loves them so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die to set them free from the captivity of homosexuality.
If you are a homosexual reading this post you may believe that I hate you but I don't. I believe that the enemy of your soul and the perverter of your destiny has placed a veil that over your eyes that has blinded you to the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus that call you to salvation, salvation from the lifestyle that the world tells you is okay. Jesus loves you and I do too. Jesus desires that you live as He created you. Yes someone has lied to you and told you that you were born this way and the truth is all of us have been born in sin and shaped in iniquity but Jesus came to set us free and give us His nature. He came to transform your mind and renew you. It would not be love for me to tell you that you are okay and that I support your lifestyle. Jesus came to give you real life, life abundant and no matter what Judge Wright Allen say. No matter what Mark Herring say I'm praying that you will hear what God is saying. And in hearing the voice of your Creator you will come to know the blessed eternal life that He has for you.
Bernard Boulton.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am often led by Holy Spirit to pray for the nations that view Bernard's Word. I believe that Holy Spirit leads persons to this site so that we can establish a connection with them and stand before the Lord on behalf of that nation. God loves nations. He has a plan for nations and God enter nations through our intercession. One of the nations that has visited this site recently has been the nation of Ukraine. And I wanted the people of Ukraine to know that I have been and will continue to stand in intercession for them decreeing the justice of heaven for this great nation.    

For the last few weeks the country of Ukraine has dominated the news. With horror we have witnessed the death of citizens and anarchy rule this eastern nation. The riots broke out after three months of citizen protest who responded to President Yanukovych attempt to align Ukraine with Russia. Many of the citizens of Ukraine favored Ukraine aligning with the European Union. Ironically much of the protest took place in Independence Square in Kiev and many lives were lost.

The Parliament voted President Yanukovych out of office and elected as acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, a pastor and author. In his first speech Yanukoych said, "The citizens selflessly gave their lives to defend their rights and won..."

The election of Yanukovych shattered a Soviet mindset that a true Christian cannot be government. We praise God for this shift and move in Ukraine that will bring reformation to this great nation and transformation in the minds of the citizenry

I was reading an article on Black Christian News about Ukraine and in the article was a picture of a woman holding the Ukraine flag in one hand and a bible in her other hand. She was standing on Independence Square in Kiev. I declare that this photo is a picture of the future of Ukraine. That the citizens will possess a love and loyalty for their nation and they will experience prosperity that flows from a national love and they will possess the word of God that will cause them to walk in prosperity. I declare that these two prophetic signs; the flag and the Bible will bring forth a unity in Ukraine where the kingdom of God will manifest in the nation of Ukraine.

Intercessors, Watchmen, Prayer Warriors let's stand before the court of God interceding for God's justice in Ukraine. It is going to be very exciting to see what God forms in this nation this year.

Friday, February 14, 2014


After being buried in the snow that fell in rapid succession on Wednesday afternoon I finally was able to get out and take care of some business. I was in a local business standing in line and I pulled out my phone to read the latest news feed on Facebook when I saw some devastating news. Joann McFatter announced that Prophet Bob Jones died this morning. The news hit me real hard as the news of death often does. I felt a loss even through I didn't know Prophet Jones that well. I met him once, last spring at a conference held by Morning Star Ministries. But that one meeting was an encounter that I will never forget.
I became aware of Prophet Jones ministry a few years ago. Being a student of prophecy and the prophetic ministry I was drawn to this prophet who was born in Arkansas and came to be known as one of the Kansas City Prophets, a company of prophets that have been held in reverence and disdain in the Body of Christ. After reading his prophetic words and watching Prophet Jones on You Tube I was very interested in meeting this man who walked in a level of prophetic revelation that has caused many to compare him to the prophet Daniel.

My son Quincy started attending Morning Star University in Fort Mill South Carolina in January 2013. In a Sunday Service Prophet Jones spoke  a word over my son and prayed for him. Months later Holy Spirit came to Quincy and told him that it was time for him to begin his ministry. Holy Spirit later revealed to me that because Prophet Jones prophesied and prayed over my son that he was free from snares and could enter ministry. The words of 2 Chronicles 20:20 says believe the prophet and you will prosper came to life in my son because of his encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. Our family prayed about what school Quincy should attend after he finished high school in 2012 and Holy Spirit directed us to Morning Star. And it was there that Quincy met this incredible prophet would spoke the word of the Lord and caused Quincy to prosper. WOW! Talk about seasons, timing and alignment.

Like Quincy I also would have a prophetic encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. In a dream in January 2013 I was in a Dollar General Store and Prophet Jones was behind the cash register  and he reached out and gave me something. When I awakened I knew that Holy Spirit was showing me that I would meet the prophet and I would receive an impartation from him. A few months later I learned that Morning Star Ministries was having a conference for the Joshua Generation, believers who were over the age of 50. This generation was being called together to prepare them to be the apostolic fathers and mothers to the young generation. On Saturday of the conference Prophet Jones would be speaking. I heard Holy Spirit say I needed to be at that conference, even though I am a few years away from turning 50, and I would receive what Jones had for me.

I registered and in Mid May I attended the conference. The night before I left I heard God speak in a human audible voice for the second time in my life (The first time I was seventeen and God was calling me into ministry). God was preparing me for this encounter. On Saturday I was among the conference attendee who heard Bob Jones say that this generation would break forth first and the youth would break forth following this generation. Bob Jones said that the enemy would not be able to deceive this generation anymore because they would receive the Father's wisdom. Jones said that this generation should get a vision for being over 100 years because they would live that long. This generation is the first of the harvesters to go out and gather the harvest. Get ready, Prophet Jones said to raise up harvesters to go and receive the harvest.When I go home, Jones said, the harvest will not end but it will continue. The amount of the harvest will be determined by the number of the harvesters. This harvest will be one billion souls, most of them will be youth.
There was so much that Prophet Jones said that day. When we took a break after Prophet Bob and his wife Prophet Bonnie was done speaking I walked over to Bob Jones with a gift in my hand. Holy Spirit told me the day before what to give him. It was a copy of my book, Divine Favor: God Acts for You when Your enemies act against you. I gave the book to Prophet Jones and he blessed it with is eyes lit up.and told me how the message of this book was needed in the Body of Christ. He said that He had been praying all year that the body of Jesus would receive favor this year. He was genuinely excited with Divine Favor and I was more than appreciative of his words blessing this book. I told Prophet Jones about my dream and he nodded his head and said to me, "I see that you have been changed by the revelations that you have been receiving from the Lord." Then he shared what he saw me doing in the future harvest that he had just talked about.

Yes I have been changed, from glory to glory, by the revelations that I received and encountering Prophet Bob Jones was one of those revelations.

Today as I drove through my city I listened to one of the teaching Cd's that I have of Prophet Jones. He was speaking about prosperity as God revealed it to him. I was looking forward to other encounters with this very humble man of God. He was suppose to speak a gathering of creative artist last month in Asheville, the Next Step Gathering. I was planning on attending but couldn't get away. I was saddened to hear that Prophet Jones had broken his leg and wouldn't be able to attend but on one of the nights that I watched the Next Step Gathering Ray Hughes shared that Prophet Jones told him that the Lord said he wouldn't be taking the next step. Ray Hughes started to prophesy that it was time for the next generation to take the next step and God was saying that the baton was being passed. I don't know if any one knew it but Ray was prophesying the departure of Prophet Jones from the realm of earth to heaven. Prophet Jones has taken his steps as they were ordered by the Lord and this morning the Prophet took his step from earth to heaven.

It is prophetic that Bob Jones made his transition on Valentines Day. Prophet Jones has shared his experience of dying many years ago and going to heaven and hearing Jesus say Have you learned to love?  Jesus sent Bob Jones back to earth to show us how to love and on the day that we celebrate love Jesus called His prophet home into His arms where He is love.

I celebrate the life and legacy of Prophet Bob Jones and I pray for his wife Bonnie and his family, natural and spiritual. I praise You Father for allowing my path to intersect the path of Bob Jones.


Friday, February 7, 2014


I moved to Danville Virginia to become the pastor of the New Mine Creek Church in 1994. Wendy was a young woman in the church and a leader among the youth of the congregation. It was a joy being her pastor as I discerned a mantle of leadership upon her. A few year later she became a wife and then a mother and she moved away to become what God called her to be. I am thankful for knowing her and the wonderful family that God has blessed her with.
Wendy recently released her first book, Adventures of my Brother's Keeper: Let our Ball Go. I am thrilled by this children's book because it was recently prophesied that 2014 is the year for children books and Wendy has entered the publishing field in the kairos time ordained by God. I enjoyed reading this story and I believe that it is going to activate the faith of children and parents.
Please enjoy this interview with Wendy Withers.

1. Tell us about your book? This is a story featuring a Christian family unit of father, mother and two brothers. The story shows brother's loving each other as they interact with each other. They love bedtime stories from the bible read by their father and the two find themselves reliving biblical characters to face the fear of the family's pet to reclaim their red ball.

2. What was the inspiration of your book? Definitely, motherhood. In this story the personalities of my two sons are really reflected in this story and how they relate to one another even today.  When they were toddlers they would portray their father's preaching and make it their own, and they had a understanding of the love of God. I am particularly fond of one memory of Hallelujah (Halloween) night. My husband and I never taught them the imaginary characters of holidays or fairy tales. We always told them of the greatness of God in every situation. So when we explained that everyday belongs to the Lord and we must reflect Christ even at Halloween, they dressed in costumes of Zorro and Spiderman and told the neighbors that they were "God's Superheroes."

3. Share your journey to publication? The journey to publication has been a road of God's favor! I was led to write this story by the encouragement of my husband. So it was really an, "ok, get off my's what." I begin to pray to the Lord with my desires. I did research and discovered that it takes six months to a year for a publisher to respond to you, if they were interested. And there were so many companies that were open to various writings. So I said, "Ok God if you are truly in this and have open doors than I want a company that will be with me from start to finish and only seek stories that honor You." My husband learned of "Author's Night" at our local library and upon attending and meeting different authors, one author insisted that I submit my manuscript to Tate Publishing. She told me of the company's reputation as a Christian company and the kindness and professionalism of is team. I reluctantly submitted my story and three weeks later received a response that they would publish my story. I regularly received financial blessings that allowed me to meet the financial obligations of my contract with Tate and my husband submitted his own created illustrations as a reference to the creation of the books characters.

4. Did you experience spiritual warfare in writing your book? Please share your testimony of the warfare? Yes!!My family was dealing with our older son's third surgery for blount disease (growth defect in the tibia bone). He was home unable to walk or attend school for five months. My husband and I both had to work part time on our jobs to provide our son with "around the clock" care. We had to not only deal with his discouragement but our own discouragement and fear of maintaining a household that required two full-time jobs reduced to a combined effort of one job. And we were in a place of "stillness" after God released us from a ministry we had been assisting for three years. But through the tears, discouragement; lost of relationships; and financial burdens God has continually kept a vision before us and showered us with His presence and comfort acknowledging that He is with us.

5. Do you write by the leading of Holy Spirit? Explain? Definitely. I remember sitting at the table praying, "God show me the story....God how do you want this line to come together...Ok Holy Spirit." It is my desire to give God the honor in everything. I even pray while I cook. I want everyone to enjoy the food and for it to accomplish what is good for the body. So it's the same way with must accomplish what it is designed to do....REACH SOULS at a young age...this is where it begins.

6. Are you a member of nay writers groups? No.

7. Did you have a great deal of support in your writing or where you isolated? My support is my husband and sons. We are very close and private. They are my greatest supporters for sure!

8. Please tell us about your future projects? It is my desire to add more stories to the "Adventures of My Brother's Keeper" and I haven't forgotten the princesses out there! My sons are encouraging me to write a story for their age group, as well as, I'm looking to inspire and encourage adults. I'm a writer...I have a lot to say by the leading of Holy Spirit!

Thank you Wendy for sharing with the audience of Bernard's Word. I decree blessings over you and your family. I decree open doors and cycles of blessings overtaking your family. I decree that this story will reach every soul that is assigned to it. May the Lord bless the works of your hand and cause His face to shine upon you. In Yeshua's name we speak these decrees by faith. Amein. Shalom.

Wendy can be reached at

To purchase a copy of "Adventures of My Brother's Keeper: Let our Ball Go" please visit

Thursday, February 6, 2014


When I started Bernard's Word almost four years ago one of our features were Fiction Fridays. On select Fridays I would interview an author and then share the written interview with you. As Holy Spirit shifted the purpose of this blog I stopped doing Fiction Fridays.
Once I discover my identity as a Master Scribe walking in the order of Matthew 13:52 one of the changes that manifested in me was embracing kingdom terminology that defined functions that I am have operated in. I no longer call stories fiction. I believe that the term fiction does not fit what I write or what I present on this blog. Fiction is defined as a work born out of a writer's imagination that is an illusion or pretense. An illusion is defined as an act of deceiving, to mislead by the image that is presented. Pretense means a false showing. Thus I came to the understanding that fiction carries an assignment to tell a lie, it is the presentation of untruths for the purpose of entertainment. And when you add the word Christian with fiction then what you have is form that contradicts and perverts the very name of the Lord. To be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ. As Christians how can we write and name what is an illusion, a deception, a lie and add the name of Christ who is Truth to it. I can not and will not call what Holy Spirit gives me fiction. In the kingdom we who are storytellers and creators of stories write what the Word of God calls parables. The Hebrew word for parable is mashal and it means to tell a story that flows causing the hearer or reader to respond teaching them the way to be led or directed. The Greek word for parable is parabolos which means a narrative that communicates the truth of God by placing the earthly alongside the spiritual.
I hear the Spirit saying that as the times of restoration that were prophesied in Acts 3:21 are moving in the earth nations will know that God is giving parables to His creative storytellers to teach his creative will and creative way. And the word fiction will return to the dust from whence it was birthed as part of the language of babel, the language of confusion.    

I am excited to announce that fiction Fridays is returning to Bernard's Word as Faith Fridays. We will highlight authors, scribes, writers, storytellers who are releasing parables of faith . We define this Creative Stream in Watchman On Walls Fellowship as Written Word Artist. Tomorrow we will feature a first time author and more features will be coming forth as Holy Spirit leads.
Bernard Boulton

Friday, January 31, 2014


Like most of the country Virginia has experienced devastating weather that has shut down normal living in our state. This weather came to us in the natural realm. It came as snow and ice. It came as low and frigid temperatures that drove most of us into the comfort of our homes to wait for the departure of this winter invasion. In the midst of this natural phenomenon there has also entered into our state another storm that threatens the Constitution of Virginia. I felt a range of emotions when I heard that the courts of the state of Virginia was considering legalizing homosexual marriage. I was angry because I thought that we as a state had put this issue to rest in 2006 when the majority of citizens voted to make constitutional the union of marriage being recognized in its God ordained order as one man and one woman as declared in the Scriptures. I was concerned about the response of the church to this colossal error of judgment that will be meted out in court by justices who have the power to pervert the truth and slant true justice. I was offended when the advocates of  Homosexual marriage compared their cause to the cause of African American who were demeaned because of their heritage of slavery and injustice.
But as I have continued to pray over this matter I feel nothing but love for the ones who desire to legitimatize their unions in love. Do I support homosexual marriage? No but the Lord requires that I love the homosexual. And because I love them I am called to pray for them. I am called to stand in the courts of heaven where true justice prevails and pray for the salvation of all mankind. God created man in his image. He created male and female. He spoke purpose in their lives by telling them to be fruitful and multiply. And then the devil came and caused man to become a broken image of his original self and since that time all kinds of perversions have filled the earth, cursing man and the land he was called to watch over.
Homosexuality is one of the perversions that the devil has used to confuse a segment of human society. The devil is a theft of human identity and he loves throwing confusion in the race made a little lower than the angels who are loved by God.  
When Jesus came in the fullness of time He came to restore the broken image of man so that he and she could once again live as God originally intended. Salvation is not about going to a building once or twice a week to hear the Word. Salvation is going throughout the earth being the Word. And when the Word goes forth light is always greater than darkness.
A great darkness is spreading throughout the state of Virginia but a greater light is already here. When it seemed that the storm would overtake Jesus and the disciples the disciples cried out to Jesus and Jesus spoke this word, "Peace Be Still." And the storm became still. I believe that this is the season for the living epistles of Jesus to speak to this storm and command it to leave.
One of the greatest harvest that the Lord is calling us to in this hour is the harvest of homosexuals who don't need our judgment but our love. Though we cannot agree with their desire to legalize what God has not we can love them and value them as God does. Whether the courts give them what they desire or not God loves the world and I do too.