Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am often led by Holy Spirit to pray for the nations that view Bernard's Word. I believe that Holy Spirit leads persons to this site so that we can establish a connection with them and stand before the Lord on behalf of that nation. God loves nations. He has a plan for nations and God enter nations through our intercession. One of the nations that has visited this site recently has been the nation of Ukraine. And I wanted the people of Ukraine to know that I have been and will continue to stand in intercession for them decreeing the justice of heaven for this great nation.    

For the last few weeks the country of Ukraine has dominated the news. With horror we have witnessed the death of citizens and anarchy rule this eastern nation. The riots broke out after three months of citizen protest who responded to President Yanukovych attempt to align Ukraine with Russia. Many of the citizens of Ukraine favored Ukraine aligning with the European Union. Ironically much of the protest took place in Independence Square in Kiev and many lives were lost.

The Parliament voted President Yanukovych out of office and elected as acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, a pastor and author. In his first speech Yanukoych said, "The citizens selflessly gave their lives to defend their rights and won..."

The election of Yanukovych shattered a Soviet mindset that a true Christian cannot be government. We praise God for this shift and move in Ukraine that will bring reformation to this great nation and transformation in the minds of the citizenry

I was reading an article on Black Christian News about Ukraine and in the article was a picture of a woman holding the Ukraine flag in one hand and a bible in her other hand. She was standing on Independence Square in Kiev. I declare that this photo is a picture of the future of Ukraine. That the citizens will possess a love and loyalty for their nation and they will experience prosperity that flows from a national love and they will possess the word of God that will cause them to walk in prosperity. I declare that these two prophetic signs; the flag and the Bible will bring forth a unity in Ukraine where the kingdom of God will manifest in the nation of Ukraine.

Intercessors, Watchmen, Prayer Warriors let's stand before the court of God interceding for God's justice in Ukraine. It is going to be very exciting to see what God forms in this nation this year.

Friday, February 14, 2014


After being buried in the snow that fell in rapid succession on Wednesday afternoon I finally was able to get out and take care of some business. I was in a local business standing in line and I pulled out my phone to read the latest news feed on Facebook when I saw some devastating news. Joann McFatter announced that Prophet Bob Jones died this morning. The news hit me real hard as the news of death often does. I felt a loss even through I didn't know Prophet Jones that well. I met him once, last spring at a conference held by Morning Star Ministries. But that one meeting was an encounter that I will never forget.
I became aware of Prophet Jones ministry a few years ago. Being a student of prophecy and the prophetic ministry I was drawn to this prophet who was born in Arkansas and came to be known as one of the Kansas City Prophets, a company of prophets that have been held in reverence and disdain in the Body of Christ. After reading his prophetic words and watching Prophet Jones on You Tube I was very interested in meeting this man who walked in a level of prophetic revelation that has caused many to compare him to the prophet Daniel.

My son Quincy started attending Morning Star University in Fort Mill South Carolina in January 2013. In a Sunday Service Prophet Jones spoke  a word over my son and prayed for him. Months later Holy Spirit came to Quincy and told him that it was time for him to begin his ministry. Holy Spirit later revealed to me that because Prophet Jones prophesied and prayed over my son that he was free from snares and could enter ministry. The words of 2 Chronicles 20:20 says believe the prophet and you will prosper came to life in my son because of his encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. Our family prayed about what school Quincy should attend after he finished high school in 2012 and Holy Spirit directed us to Morning Star. And it was there that Quincy met this incredible prophet would spoke the word of the Lord and caused Quincy to prosper. WOW! Talk about seasons, timing and alignment.

Like Quincy I also would have a prophetic encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. In a dream in January 2013 I was in a Dollar General Store and Prophet Jones was behind the cash register  and he reached out and gave me something. When I awakened I knew that Holy Spirit was showing me that I would meet the prophet and I would receive an impartation from him. A few months later I learned that Morning Star Ministries was having a conference for the Joshua Generation, believers who were over the age of 50. This generation was being called together to prepare them to be the apostolic fathers and mothers to the young generation. On Saturday of the conference Prophet Jones would be speaking. I heard Holy Spirit say I needed to be at that conference, even though I am a few years away from turning 50, and I would receive what Jones had for me.

I registered and in Mid May I attended the conference. The night before I left I heard God speak in a human audible voice for the second time in my life (The first time I was seventeen and God was calling me into ministry). God was preparing me for this encounter. On Saturday I was among the conference attendee who heard Bob Jones say that this generation would break forth first and the youth would break forth following this generation. Bob Jones said that the enemy would not be able to deceive this generation anymore because they would receive the Father's wisdom. Jones said that this generation should get a vision for being over 100 years because they would live that long. This generation is the first of the harvesters to go out and gather the harvest. Get ready, Prophet Jones said to raise up harvesters to go and receive the harvest.When I go home, Jones said, the harvest will not end but it will continue. The amount of the harvest will be determined by the number of the harvesters. This harvest will be one billion souls, most of them will be youth.
There was so much that Prophet Jones said that day. When we took a break after Prophet Bob and his wife Prophet Bonnie was done speaking I walked over to Bob Jones with a gift in my hand. Holy Spirit told me the day before what to give him. It was a copy of my book, Divine Favor: God Acts for You when Your enemies act against you. I gave the book to Prophet Jones and he blessed it with is eyes lit up.and told me how the message of this book was needed in the Body of Christ. He said that He had been praying all year that the body of Jesus would receive favor this year. He was genuinely excited with Divine Favor and I was more than appreciative of his words blessing this book. I told Prophet Jones about my dream and he nodded his head and said to me, "I see that you have been changed by the revelations that you have been receiving from the Lord." Then he shared what he saw me doing in the future harvest that he had just talked about.

Yes I have been changed, from glory to glory, by the revelations that I received and encountering Prophet Bob Jones was one of those revelations.

Today as I drove through my city I listened to one of the teaching Cd's that I have of Prophet Jones. He was speaking about prosperity as God revealed it to him. I was looking forward to other encounters with this very humble man of God. He was suppose to speak a gathering of creative artist last month in Asheville, the Next Step Gathering. I was planning on attending but couldn't get away. I was saddened to hear that Prophet Jones had broken his leg and wouldn't be able to attend but on one of the nights that I watched the Next Step Gathering Ray Hughes shared that Prophet Jones told him that the Lord said he wouldn't be taking the next step. Ray Hughes started to prophesy that it was time for the next generation to take the next step and God was saying that the baton was being passed. I don't know if any one knew it but Ray was prophesying the departure of Prophet Jones from the realm of earth to heaven. Prophet Jones has taken his steps as they were ordered by the Lord and this morning the Prophet took his step from earth to heaven.

It is prophetic that Bob Jones made his transition on Valentines Day. Prophet Jones has shared his experience of dying many years ago and going to heaven and hearing Jesus say Have you learned to love?  Jesus sent Bob Jones back to earth to show us how to love and on the day that we celebrate love Jesus called His prophet home into His arms where He is love.

I celebrate the life and legacy of Prophet Bob Jones and I pray for his wife Bonnie and his family, natural and spiritual. I praise You Father for allowing my path to intersect the path of Bob Jones.


Friday, February 7, 2014


I moved to Danville Virginia to become the pastor of the New Mine Creek Church in 1994. Wendy was a young woman in the church and a leader among the youth of the congregation. It was a joy being her pastor as I discerned a mantle of leadership upon her. A few year later she became a wife and then a mother and she moved away to become what God called her to be. I am thankful for knowing her and the wonderful family that God has blessed her with.
Wendy recently released her first book, Adventures of my Brother's Keeper: Let our Ball Go. I am thrilled by this children's book because it was recently prophesied that 2014 is the year for children books and Wendy has entered the publishing field in the kairos time ordained by God. I enjoyed reading this story and I believe that it is going to activate the faith of children and parents.
Please enjoy this interview with Wendy Withers.

1. Tell us about your book? This is a story featuring a Christian family unit of father, mother and two brothers. The story shows brother's loving each other as they interact with each other. They love bedtime stories from the bible read by their father and the two find themselves reliving biblical characters to face the fear of the family's pet to reclaim their red ball.

2. What was the inspiration of your book? Definitely, motherhood. In this story the personalities of my two sons are really reflected in this story and how they relate to one another even today.  When they were toddlers they would portray their father's preaching and make it their own, and they had a understanding of the love of God. I am particularly fond of one memory of Hallelujah (Halloween) night. My husband and I never taught them the imaginary characters of holidays or fairy tales. We always told them of the greatness of God in every situation. So when we explained that everyday belongs to the Lord and we must reflect Christ even at Halloween, they dressed in costumes of Zorro and Spiderman and told the neighbors that they were "God's Superheroes."

3. Share your journey to publication? The journey to publication has been a road of God's favor! I was led to write this story by the encouragement of my husband. So it was really an, "ok, get off my's what." I begin to pray to the Lord with my desires. I did research and discovered that it takes six months to a year for a publisher to respond to you, if they were interested. And there were so many companies that were open to various writings. So I said, "Ok God if you are truly in this and have open doors than I want a company that will be with me from start to finish and only seek stories that honor You." My husband learned of "Author's Night" at our local library and upon attending and meeting different authors, one author insisted that I submit my manuscript to Tate Publishing. She told me of the company's reputation as a Christian company and the kindness and professionalism of is team. I reluctantly submitted my story and three weeks later received a response that they would publish my story. I regularly received financial blessings that allowed me to meet the financial obligations of my contract with Tate and my husband submitted his own created illustrations as a reference to the creation of the books characters.

4. Did you experience spiritual warfare in writing your book? Please share your testimony of the warfare? Yes!!My family was dealing with our older son's third surgery for blount disease (growth defect in the tibia bone). He was home unable to walk or attend school for five months. My husband and I both had to work part time on our jobs to provide our son with "around the clock" care. We had to not only deal with his discouragement but our own discouragement and fear of maintaining a household that required two full-time jobs reduced to a combined effort of one job. And we were in a place of "stillness" after God released us from a ministry we had been assisting for three years. But through the tears, discouragement; lost of relationships; and financial burdens God has continually kept a vision before us and showered us with His presence and comfort acknowledging that He is with us.

5. Do you write by the leading of Holy Spirit? Explain? Definitely. I remember sitting at the table praying, "God show me the story....God how do you want this line to come together...Ok Holy Spirit." It is my desire to give God the honor in everything. I even pray while I cook. I want everyone to enjoy the food and for it to accomplish what is good for the body. So it's the same way with must accomplish what it is designed to do....REACH SOULS at a young age...this is where it begins.

6. Are you a member of nay writers groups? No.

7. Did you have a great deal of support in your writing or where you isolated? My support is my husband and sons. We are very close and private. They are my greatest supporters for sure!

8. Please tell us about your future projects? It is my desire to add more stories to the "Adventures of My Brother's Keeper" and I haven't forgotten the princesses out there! My sons are encouraging me to write a story for their age group, as well as, I'm looking to inspire and encourage adults. I'm a writer...I have a lot to say by the leading of Holy Spirit!

Thank you Wendy for sharing with the audience of Bernard's Word. I decree blessings over you and your family. I decree open doors and cycles of blessings overtaking your family. I decree that this story will reach every soul that is assigned to it. May the Lord bless the works of your hand and cause His face to shine upon you. In Yeshua's name we speak these decrees by faith. Amein. Shalom.

Wendy can be reached at

To purchase a copy of "Adventures of My Brother's Keeper: Let our Ball Go" please visit

Thursday, February 6, 2014


When I started Bernard's Word almost four years ago one of our features were Fiction Fridays. On select Fridays I would interview an author and then share the written interview with you. As Holy Spirit shifted the purpose of this blog I stopped doing Fiction Fridays.
Once I discover my identity as a Master Scribe walking in the order of Matthew 13:52 one of the changes that manifested in me was embracing kingdom terminology that defined functions that I am have operated in. I no longer call stories fiction. I believe that the term fiction does not fit what I write or what I present on this blog. Fiction is defined as a work born out of a writer's imagination that is an illusion or pretense. An illusion is defined as an act of deceiving, to mislead by the image that is presented. Pretense means a false showing. Thus I came to the understanding that fiction carries an assignment to tell a lie, it is the presentation of untruths for the purpose of entertainment. And when you add the word Christian with fiction then what you have is form that contradicts and perverts the very name of the Lord. To be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ. As Christians how can we write and name what is an illusion, a deception, a lie and add the name of Christ who is Truth to it. I can not and will not call what Holy Spirit gives me fiction. In the kingdom we who are storytellers and creators of stories write what the Word of God calls parables. The Hebrew word for parable is mashal and it means to tell a story that flows causing the hearer or reader to respond teaching them the way to be led or directed. The Greek word for parable is parabolos which means a narrative that communicates the truth of God by placing the earthly alongside the spiritual.
I hear the Spirit saying that as the times of restoration that were prophesied in Acts 3:21 are moving in the earth nations will know that God is giving parables to His creative storytellers to teach his creative will and creative way. And the word fiction will return to the dust from whence it was birthed as part of the language of babel, the language of confusion.    

I am excited to announce that fiction Fridays is returning to Bernard's Word as Faith Fridays. We will highlight authors, scribes, writers, storytellers who are releasing parables of faith . We define this Creative Stream in Watchman On Walls Fellowship as Written Word Artist. Tomorrow we will feature a first time author and more features will be coming forth as Holy Spirit leads.
Bernard Boulton