Friday, January 31, 2014


Like most of the country Virginia has experienced devastating weather that has shut down normal living in our state. This weather came to us in the natural realm. It came as snow and ice. It came as low and frigid temperatures that drove most of us into the comfort of our homes to wait for the departure of this winter invasion. In the midst of this natural phenomenon there has also entered into our state another storm that threatens the Constitution of Virginia. I felt a range of emotions when I heard that the courts of the state of Virginia was considering legalizing homosexual marriage. I was angry because I thought that we as a state had put this issue to rest in 2006 when the majority of citizens voted to make constitutional the union of marriage being recognized in its God ordained order as one man and one woman as declared in the Scriptures. I was concerned about the response of the church to this colossal error of judgment that will be meted out in court by justices who have the power to pervert the truth and slant true justice. I was offended when the advocates of  Homosexual marriage compared their cause to the cause of African American who were demeaned because of their heritage of slavery and injustice.
But as I have continued to pray over this matter I feel nothing but love for the ones who desire to legitimatize their unions in love. Do I support homosexual marriage? No but the Lord requires that I love the homosexual. And because I love them I am called to pray for them. I am called to stand in the courts of heaven where true justice prevails and pray for the salvation of all mankind. God created man in his image. He created male and female. He spoke purpose in their lives by telling them to be fruitful and multiply. And then the devil came and caused man to become a broken image of his original self and since that time all kinds of perversions have filled the earth, cursing man and the land he was called to watch over.
Homosexuality is one of the perversions that the devil has used to confuse a segment of human society. The devil is a theft of human identity and he loves throwing confusion in the race made a little lower than the angels who are loved by God.  
When Jesus came in the fullness of time He came to restore the broken image of man so that he and she could once again live as God originally intended. Salvation is not about going to a building once or twice a week to hear the Word. Salvation is going throughout the earth being the Word. And when the Word goes forth light is always greater than darkness.
A great darkness is spreading throughout the state of Virginia but a greater light is already here. When it seemed that the storm would overtake Jesus and the disciples the disciples cried out to Jesus and Jesus spoke this word, "Peace Be Still." And the storm became still. I believe that this is the season for the living epistles of Jesus to speak to this storm and command it to leave.
One of the greatest harvest that the Lord is calling us to in this hour is the harvest of homosexuals who don't need our judgment but our love. Though we cannot agree with their desire to legalize what God has not we can love them and value them as God does. Whether the courts give them what they desire or not God loves the world and I do too.