Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodbye Lebron

Lebron you were an incredible asset to the Cleveland Cavaliers and now you have left. Man it seemed like yesterday we the fans of the Cavaliers waited and anticipated your coming into our lives. I can still feel the excitement in the air in June of 2003 as we faithfully believed that there was a possibility that the Cavaliers might snag you in the lottery. And then it happened, the probable became possible and you joined the Cavs bringing with you hope and excitement that haven't been seen in my generation. Your joining the Cavaliers helped me to deal with the loss of my Mother, we buried her three days before the lottery.
All of Cleveland believed that you would bring us a championship. For seven years we hoped and we waited. We dreamed and we imagined that it would happen but it didn't and now you're gone. Things won't be the same without you but all of us are not hatin on you. We just hoped that things would have been different. And as much as I loved your game and your drive I can't leave the Cavs and go with you. The Cavs are a part of my legacy and my history; they have earned the right to keep my loyalty. I remember Campy Russell and Austin Carr from my childhood. I remember the first game I saw at the Richfield Coliseum. World B. Free was on that team. I remembered the first time I saw Michael Jordan play at Richfield; he soared through the air and delivered a dunk that every Cavs fan honored as we stood on our feet, that night we witnessed the greatest who ever played the game. I remember the dream team of the 90's; Price, Daughtery, Ehlo and the others. I even remember the one time I was angry with management, when they traded away Ron Harper, but I stayed a Cavs fan. I haven't lived in Cleveland for almost twenty eyars but I have remained a loyal Cavs fan.
But I have a confession to make, after the Boston series I was ready to walk away. I was so depressed after we lost the series that I decided that loving the Cavs was to high a price to pay. I decided that I was giving up on the Cavs. I didn't beleive that you were coming back but my DECISION was not based on your DECISION, it was based solely on my emotional response to the Boston series. But then something happened after you told us and the world of your intention of joining the Heat. I read a letter from Dan Gilbert and that letter changed my mind. Although I'm sure you didn't like what Dan said about you, that communication gave me a new resolve. And so my allegiance to he Cavs was renewed and my loyalty was rediscovered. I will stand with and support my hometown team, even though you are no longer apart of us.
Goodbye Lebron.


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  5. This is very well said. So many people have commented that there are so many more important things in life, and they are correct. There are. However, sports provide each of us a respite from the daily difficulties of our life. It is a diversion from the unemployment, oil crises, political strife, etc. As you ably commented, this helped you deal with a great and terrible loss.

    Sports provide still another value. We talk sports all the same: the rich, the poor, the east side and west side (a Cleveland reference you will know); the black and white and Hispanic and Asian talk sports together if at no other time. It provides the city residents an opportunity to coalesce around a common cause, especially at a time when we disagree on so much.

    I actually was quite displeased with the manner LeBron handled this entire situation. However, I must remember his is only 25 years old, and however extraordinary hit talents; he is still only 25. Beyond basketball he has never really lived outside of Akron. It may have been time to see another place/region. Ironically, I did not like Dan Gilbert's reaction. It was way over the top. As a leader of an organization and a man more than 20 years LeBron's senior I have an expectation that he exercises more restraint, more discpline, more jurisprudence, less anger, less invective. He is a leader. We demand more.

    At the end of the day, I do wish LeBron well. He is an exceptional basketball player. I hope and trust he thrives (except against the Cavs). As for me, I will cheer for the name on the front of the uniform over the name on the back.