Monday, April 4, 2011


A prophetic author has released a message to the Body of Christ and the world. That author is Scott Shafer and the message comes to us today in the form of a book titled, "What Every Dreams Means."
What words can I use to describe my journey over the last month as I have read and meditated over the words that Scott has produced from his wealth of knowledge on the subject of dreams. The words that come to mind are enlightened, empowered, edified and excited. Since I was a teenager I believed that God spoke to me in my dreams. This belief was strengthened by the characters in the Bible who dreamed. Men like Joseph, Solomon, Isaiah and Joseph the human father of our Lord Jesus. Yes I believed that God spoke and continues to speak though dreams. Even though my denominational background and my theological training did not support my belief I believed anyway.
I am totally convinced that because I never gave up believing that God does speak through dreams God brought Scott and his book into my life. And what an impact this book has had on me. The last five weeks have been some of the most incredible times in my life.
Like the gifted teacher that he is Scott has woven together an impassioned teaching tool that will enlarge the church ability to teach the meaning and message of dreams. Scott has restored to the Body of Christ a lost jewel that will enable us to hear clearly the voice of God spoken to His children in the night seasons. Never again will the Church be deceived about this divine method of communication.
Since I've been studying What Every Dreams Means the prophetic dreams that I have had all of my life and was largely ignorant to what they meant, had increased exponentially and some of them I have been able to even interpret. I am a more knowledgeable Teacher of God's Word because of What Every Dreams Means.
The night seasons has become a new season for me. I want to encourage you to get your copy today at
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Keep Dreaming
Pastor Bernard Boulton.
Your spiritual understanding will be enlarged by this life changing book.

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  1. Wow! The book sounds amazing! It's awesome that you've been able to interpret some of your dreams! Dreams have always been an amazing and interesting topic to me!

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~