Friday, June 17, 2011


My wife Vantoria came up with a great idea that we incorporated in our church this past Sunday for Children's Day. After worship was concluded we gathered in our fellowship wing to celebrate our children. Each parent present read a letter to their child or children affirming the importance and value of their child inthe life. It was incredible and emotional gathering as many parents were moved to tears as they read their letters.
Both me and my wife wrote letters to our son Quincy. Writing the letter last weekend allowed me to take a stroll down memory lane as I penned my feelings for my son who will be entering his senior year in high school in a few months. I remembered the day Vantoria told me that she was expecting. The days when I would lay my hands on Vantoria abdomen to pray for our unborn child. I remembered the trips to the doctor, the first sonogram. The beginning of Vantoria's labor and the birth of our son. His first steps, the first immunizations shots, his first lead in the church choir, his first day in school. A plethora of memories traveled through my mind as I wrote that letter. And to hear those words read my wife to my son almost released a flood of tears as I heard my feelings about my son being read to him.
And so I am inviting every Father who reads this blog to take some time this weekend and write a letter to your child or to your children. I know that Sunday is your day. It will be a day where you are celebrated and appreciated. A day of fun and gifts. A day where you will you be loved by those whom you have loved. But I want to encourage you to make it a day where you give your words on paper. A day where you share with the people in your life that was given to you by God to love and raise as Fathers. How about joining me in starting a new tradition for Father's Day. A tradition of giving as well as receiving. And may God grant you many Father Day's filled with love and blessings.
Please write back and let me know how this gift blessed you and our children.

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