Monday, September 26, 2011


At the end of this week we will enter the first day of October. There will be 92 days left in this year. I always get hyped at the beginning of October because I know that I have three months left in the year and if I have any unfinished projects I want to be sure that I finish them by December 31st. But also during the last three months of the year I start to plan and write visions for what I will be doing next year.

Do  you have any unfinished projects that you are determined to finish before this year is over? Have you begin to form a vision for what you what to accomplish in 2012?

Whatever you have to finish before the year is over if you do these two things you can make it happen, FOCUS and PERFORM. Determine the amount of time that you need to give to your project so that on the last day of the year you can celebrate your accomplishment.

Is what you have to do too big for you to accomplish? ASK FOR HELP! What I have to finish doesn't require human help, at least not yet but it does require divine help so I've started today asking God to give me the grace to finish my assignment. Who ever you need go to them and ask for help. Success with the aid of another is still success.

Write down the tasks that you need to perform to finish what you have to finish. Some things you will need to do daily. Some things you will need to do weekly. Chart your course and follow it.

Now that I am giving you some principles on finishing your projects for this year I'm sharing with you what I need to finish by December 31st.

1. I need to finish my second novel. It is the sequel to my first novel, DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE?

2. I need to write my teaching schedule for WORD IN AN HOUR, the Tuesday morning and evening Bible studies at the New Mine Creek Church for 2012.

3. I need to finalize some urgent business concerns regarding my publishing company.

4. I need to write my marketing plan for 2012. I plan on releasing two books next year.

Please drop me a line and tell me what you need to finish this year. Let's share and encourage each other.


  1. Asking for help is hard for me. It makes me feel, well helpless :/ My goal for the rest of the year is to cut out chaos and clutter. And make room for "being" in my life.

  2. Much needed reminder today. I need to find the time to plan out things I need to bring some closure to in 2011 as well.

  3. Thanks Ruth Ann for dropping by. That's a worthy objective that you have. I'm interested in knowing what do mean by "being" if you don't mind sharing.

  4. Thanks Saundra for your comments. I hope you do make your plans and stick with them.