Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second opportunities

It is unusual for me to write a blog on a Sunday morning but I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to share this message with you.  Today is the twenty second day of a new year. Are you doing anything different? Are you pursuing your purpose? I hope that every day is a day where you live in the Presence of God demonstrating the power of God as you receive the provisions of God.

I want to encourage you today to be ready for second opportunities that are coming your way in 2012. I believe with all my heart that God is going to present many of His children with second opportunities this year.

A second opportunity is God bringing you the same experience that you missed the last time He presented you with it. And please understand that it is not my intention to cast you into the land of regret where you bemoan past opportunities that you now realize has past you by. I have great news for you, many of those opportunities that you let get away are coming back. You may be asking the question how do I know this?

Because God gave me this message to preach today at the New Mine Creek Church and the Holy Spirit got me up early this morning to write this message to you.

In St Mark chapter six Jesus came to Nazareth a second time. The first time He came to Nazareth is recorded in St Luke chapter four. The good people of Nazareth rejected Jesus the first time. They missed an opportunity of a lifetime, receiving God who came to deliver them from darkness into light.

But two years later Jesus came back. He came to give the town where He had grown up and where many of His family lived a second opportunity to receive Him and see God move in their community. But unfortunately they missed this second opportunity to receive Jesus. In a few months He would be dying on a cross and a few day later He would be resurrected and forty days after that He would ascend to heaven.

Like the people of Nazareth many of us have missed God opportunities in our past but I believe strongly that 2012 is a going to be a year of second opportunities. And I'm not talking about new opportunities I'm talking about missed opportunities. And so be ready to receive what you passed over the last time.

I missed an opportunity some years ago. I missed it because I was distracted when it appeared. I passed it over without praying about it. And when I realized that I missed an opportunity to live a dream I thought that a dream had come to an end but then some years later the opportunity returned for the second time. This time I prayed and I waited on the Holy Spirit to give me instructions and when He led me I grabbed hold to it. Excitement and faith rose up in me when I recognized that God had given me another opportunity. The same thing is going to happen to you in 2012. BELIEVE IT!


  1. It is interesting that I have found this after praying for this for myself and others I am interceding for... A relevant prayer would be for us to recognize - and grab hold of - these opportunites when they resurface.

    Time and chance does indeed come to us all, but at times I think we don't even realize we missed our chance. We just see that life is passing us by and our goals are not yet accomplished. Let us be diligent so we won't lose our God-given opportunities!

    Be blessed!

  2. Thanks Cheryl for stopping by. The morning that I preached this message God gave me a second opportunity. I jumped right on it.