Monday, August 12, 2013

Pastor Bernard Boulton releases his latest Book "The Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth"

It is with praise for the fruit that Father continues to bear in me to His glory that I announce the release of my third book, "The Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth." For seven years it has been a great privilege to teach, impart and instruct preachers of the gospel during the annual session of the George Washington Gibson School of Religion; a division of the National Primitive Baptist Convention of the United States of America. This book was formed from the material that I have released in those sessions.

In this book I share that prophetic preaching is hearing the Voice of God and declaring the Word of God. It is a combination of two vital experiences in the preaching occupation. The term prophetic means to hear God's will and intent. In the beginning it is recorded in Genesis 3 that Adam and Eve HEARD the SOUND of the Lord God walking in the garden. Moses said to the nation of Israel as they were preparing to go into the Promise Land If you diligently obey the VOICE of the Lord your God to observe carefully all of His commandments which I command you today that the Lord your God will set you high above the nations of the earth and all these blessings will come upon you and overtake you. (Deut 28:1-2). Jesus said, "He who enters the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To Him the doorkeeper opens the door, and the sheep HEAR HIS VOICE...And the sheep follow Him for they know His VOICE. (John 10:3-4). Finally Hebrews 1:1-2 says, "God who at various time and in various ways SPOKE in times past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these lasts days spoken to us by His SON."

Preaching means to declare the Word of God in exhortation, salvation and declaring the gospel message of the kingdom of heaven.

In this book I share how in prophetic preaching God declares His desire for a community of people and His plan to bring His desire to pass. In Ezekiel 37 God sent the prophet to communicate His desire for the people who were prophetically described as dead bones in a valley. God's desire for this community of His people was for them to come to life and God gave His plan to make this happen through the Prophet.

In this book I show how when prophetic preaching is going forth it is a sound of heaven released in the earth. When Paul came forth preaching in Damascus after he regained his sight and was baptized he released the sound of heaven in that community and it confounded the people because the enemy was confused. The sound of heaven always confuses religion which can be a tool to oppress the people of God. Everywhere Paul went he released the sound of heaven in the earth that confused the enemy and set  the captive free.

So I am very excited about what this book has come to do in the earth and I want to encourage you to get your copy. Of course I will be teaching from this book in Los Angeles California at the G.W. Gibson School of Religion and I look forward to what God is going to do through this book nd the teaching. Please pray that I teach with a new mantle of anointing and declare the will and intent of God.

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