Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today July 4, 2012 the United States of America celebrates the birth of this great nation. On this day in 1776, 236 years ago the Continental Congress released a statement that declared the thirteen American colonies independent from the British Empire. This statement has been known ever since that day as the Declaration of Independence. The men who gathered in Philadelphia, as representatives of the American, declared the American people free.

As I was leading the congregation of the New Mine Creek Church on this past Sunday I was led by Holy Spirit to declare over God's people that we are free. Free from sin and free from eternal death through the declaration of Jesus Christ. On the cross Jesus declared, "It is finish." When that declaration was released in both the earth and the heavens it set every person, who would believe on Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord, free.

And as I was praying on July 1 I released a declaration, not of independence, but of dependence. I started declaring our dependence on the kingdom of God. Today as the citizens of the United States of America celebrate independence and the forming of this nation I invite you to stand in agreement with me and make your declaration of dependence.

America declare its independence because it no longer wanted to be under the sovereignty of the British Crown. But for we who are free in Jesus Christ we need to be dependent on God our King. We need Him to help us be who we are called to be. We need Him to lead us where we are going. We need him to heal our hearts. The body of Christ cannot afford to be independent form the Lord. He is our vine and we our His branches. Our very life flows from Him.

Today I make a declaration of dependence:
1. I declare that I am chosen in Him to be holy and blameless before Him in love.
2. I declare that I am predestined to be a son of God.
3. I declare that I am accepted in the beloved.
4. I declare that I am redeemed by the blood.
5. I declare that my sins are forgiven.
6. I declare that I know God's will for my life.
7. I declare that I am an heir and joint heir with Christ.
8. I declare that I am sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.

I declare, with heaven and earth as my witness that I need You Father. I need You. I come to Your throne of grace for help in my time of need. Abba Father I need You to order my steps. I need You Holy Spirit to lead me in all truth. I declare in the earth that I am dependent on Your grace Lord Jesus and Your resurrection power. I need You Father. I need You every hour.

Abba I stand in the gap for the United States. I declare that this nation needs You. Abba we need a restoration of values that reflects Your love and truth. Abba I declare unity and cooperation in our government. Abba I declare national deliverance from the strongholds of opposition and I declare that You are building a stronghold of cooperation. Abba I declare that Your righteousness is flowing in America. Abba I stand before You as an intercessor for this country that I love and I humble myself under Your mighty hand for this nation and I declare Abba that You are exalting this nation when You see humility in this nation. Abba I declare that where curses have been released in this nation because of its disobedience Your blessings are overtaking America.

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