Saturday, July 28, 2012


I pray that you are having an exciting summer. One full of fun, faith and setting things in order for your future. I've been having an incredible summer. I'm not sure when I've had summer like this one. I want to share with you what Holy Spirit's been doing in my life.

First I have been blessed above measure with the brothers of Global Men Prayer Network. This group of men gather every Monday night to receive exhortational teachings from Apostle Kevin Ford. Although Apostle Ford is the head of this network he is an humble servant of God who doesn't mind sharing the moments of teaching with others, including me. As we enter the presence of the Lord in worship many prophetic words have come forth in these weekly prayer gatherings . That's what happened to me on Monday June 4, 2012. One of the brothers, Prophet Pernell Robinson released a word over me that SET me in a new place. I'm still walking under the mantle of the word. I praise God for the fellowship with these brothers, intercessors establishing the kingdom of God in the earth. If you are man of God looking for a place of fellowship and agreement please join us this coming Monday night. Go to WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/groups/gmpnetwork for more information.

Second I entered into one of the most unusual educational experiences that I have ever encountered in my life. I am a student in the VOICES OF CHRIST LITERARY MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL. I am being mentored and trained as  a Present Day Scribe by Apostle Theresa Johnson. This woman of God has been raised up and commissioned by the Lord to impart into those called by God to write and stand as worshippers in the earth the unique identity and calling on these creative artists. The courses that I am taking have stretched me and humbled as I'm learning what God has called me to before the foundation of the earth. I'm being led in unusual ways as Holy Spirit is taking me into new realms and giving me new experiences. if you are a writer and are not sure about the will of God for your gift I recommend VOICES OF CHRIST to you. Apostle Johnson has the heart of God and walks under a unique mantle for those who are wandering in the writing wilderness. Go to WWW.VOICESOFCHRIST.COM for more information.

Third I am getting ready to release my second book titled DIVINE FAVOR: GOD ACTS FOR YOU WHEN YOUR ENEMIES ACT AGAINST YOU. Divine Favor is already available as an ebook at  but next month it will be released in paperback. In preparation of this event I now have a new website. The designer is LOVE CLONES,   owned and operated by Apostles Kevin and Candace Ford. Please stop by the my website, WWW.BERNARDBOULTON.COM and take a look.

There's a page on the website called Divine Favor,  where you can leave your own testimony about how God has favored you and you can leave your prayer request as you seek God's favor in your life and I will stand in agreement with you for His favor. Psalms 102: 13 says, "For the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come." I declare this word over your life. Leave your petition for favor and I will believe with you that this is your time for favor.

I've got more to share and I'll be back. God bless you.


  1. Hello Tracy.Thank you for visiting. I prefer the term productive over busy! LOL.

  2. Thank you Elder Boulton. You have truly been an inspiration! May God continue to bless and elevate your success!

  3. Thanks Elissa for coming by. Give my best to B.J. and Carolyn. Your best days are still ahead.