Thursday, September 27, 2012


Last night in a dream the Holy Spirit showed me what is happening in the church (Acts 2:17-21). I saw two groups and one group was speaking out of their flesh. they were saying things that should not be spoken among God's people. And when I cried out for them to stop saying those things the entire group started to laugh at me. And then I saw another group that had congregated on the street and they were praying and the gifts of the Holy Spirit was manifesting in their presence. A person with a demonic spirit that was manifesting confusion came to stop them from praying but he could not stop their intercessions (Acts 16:16-18). 

The Holy Spirit woke me up at 3:30 a.m. and I started to intercede for the Church and the leaders of the church And I ask the Holy Spirit to give me understanding of this dream and this is what the Holy Spirit began to show me and say to me.

There is a division in the house of God. There are two fellowships in the church.  There is a fellowship of flesh that is operating in the spirit of this world. They have no fear and they speak the things of this world. They have received the spirit of his world and the things of God are foolishness to them. When I saw the first group they were all huddled in a room and they were content to stay in that one room and enjoy each other. 

And then there is a fellowship of the Holy Spirit that are seeking Him and are hunger for Him. They have been praying for the Holy Spirit to me in their midst and He says I have heard your prayers, and I am coming on you in signs and wonders and gifts that have not manifested in you yet. And Holy Spirit says that this group will move out into the streets because I am anointing them to have great influence in the earth in this earth. This fellowship that desires Me I will send them forth as my witnesses and they will rise in such influence that many of them will become My Voice in the marketplaces and the workplaces. The Nicodemuses will seek them out in the night to hear my Word (St John 3:1-2). 

In the dream when I saw these two groups. The one group was in a hotel. In a room in a hotel. They were content to be among themselves. They were content to stay in that one room. But the second group was out on streets, they were praying and gathering on the streets. They were forming a fellowship on the outside.

The Holy Spirit said to me that I saw them on the streets because that as were He was positioning them. He led me to Mark 6:56, "And whithersoever, He entered into villages, or cities, or country, they laid the sick in the STREETS, and besought Him that they might touch if it were but the hem of his garments, and as many as touched Him was made whole." This group will operate in the anointing and whereever they go their will be healing. The Holy Spirit has anointed them to heal in the STREETS.  

And then the Holy Spirit led me to Luke 14:21, "So the servant came and reported these things to his master. Then the master of the house, being angry, said to his servant, 'Go out quickly into the STREETS and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind."

This group will also operate in an unction that will cause them to bring off of the STREETS of cities, towns and villages the broken into the House of the Lord.

Something that is important for us to consider is the reason why I saw the second group moving out to the streets is because they started praying on the streets. They were not ashamed to cry out to God in the public square. The Lord is saying in this hour to His church, "If you will confess (acknowledge, praise, cry out to me) me before men (on the streets) that is where I will send you."

I bless you and I'm praying for you. Holy Spirit is calling you out into the STREETS.               


  1. I have not had a vision like yours, Bernard, but I definitely see the two divisions. Some people who love Jesus also manage to listen to the secular voices in the culture, and they seem to believe that those voices require the church to change. They believe that because the times change, the church must change. It is quite sad. Secular thinking is one of Satan's tools to make his agenda look reasonable, and there is an element among church people that hears secular voices more clearly than God's voice.
    I am not exactly sure how to interpret "into the streets" other than the mandate Christ gave at his ascension. It's not a new commandment, but it does need new emphasis. The church is not a private club.
    I also think that Christ's people need to go into the streets and vote, because our government is also listening to that secular voice. If the government continues on its present path, our freedom to speak our faith in the streets will be snuffed out. The government will try to lock up our faith inside our church buildings. I invite you to read my blogpost at for the facts on this problem.

  2. Thank you Katherine for your comments. They are fully in agreement with what I saw last night and what I was led to write this day. In the first group their conversation was secular and fleshly and they were content to be to themselves in thier litle room. That is the place that many local churches are today. In their littles rooms, their religious huddles, talking about what matters to them and not listening to the Voice of the Lord who is still speaking to His church what matters to Him.

    The streets are prophetically the marketplace and any place where the world is. Those who are hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit are no longer satisfied with going to church but they have an unction on them to be the church in midst of the world. These servants of the Lord are not religious but they have a burning to do ministry in the marketplace and the workplace. They are not ashamed to praise God in the public square and to stand in intercession before the world. Because of their heart for God God says I will give them influence and open doors in communities. They will speak my Word before political leaders and business leaders.

    Most of the unrest that we are witnessing in other countries and even in our country is the move of the Holy Spirit. He's bringing people into the streets of the world even though they don't even know that He is moving them. Propehtically we are witnessing Gen 1:2, "And the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters." Even though this looks frightening we will see what God does as a result of this move even in coutries like Egypt and Liberia.

    Even though the atmosphere in America is becoming hostile to the Christian faith they can only contain us if we stay in the house of worship or if we speak as they speak but if we move to the streets with the Word of the Lord they will not be able to contain us. That's why we are being called to the streets. It is only if the church stays in its houses of worship that this anti move against the church can steal our liberties. If we are in the streets, moving by the power of God there is nothing that can stop us. Whenever the church moves the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.

    I will definitely read your post Katherine.

  3. Hi Pastor Bernard. I found you! Blessed by your post.

    Cynthia fom the D&V Class

  4. Thanks Cynthia for stopping by. Come back often.