Saturday, September 22, 2012


"You shall not offer strange incense on it." (Ex 30:9).

In my last post I shared the story of two men recorded in Luke 18 who went into the Temple to pray. The first man stood in pride and declared his righteousness before God. The second man bowed his head and cried out for mercy. Jesus said that the second man went home justified and the other did not.  I want to share with you today what Holy Spirit is leading me to speak on this pressing matter of intercession in this season. The first man, the Pharisee, prayer was not accepted by God because the Pharisee offered "strange incense" before God. In other passages the word strange recorded in Exodus 30:9 is "Unauthorized." Please receive this revelation in the spirit. As much as our God loves everyone and desires that all would come to Him in intercession, praying and crying out to Him in fervency God will only accept the intercession or prayer that He has authorized.

There is a deceptive mindset in the Church that teaches that I can come to God anyway that I want. I can say to God anything that I want to say. I can come to God and He will accept me and whatever I do in any way.   But I must expose that delusion, for it is a lie that had created deception in the House of the Lord. The pattern that God gave to Moses reveals spiritual principles that dictate and determine our entrance into the presence of our King.

When God gave Moses the specificity to build the Tent of Testimony, a picture of the manifest presence of God in the midst of His people God told Moses to build the altar from WOOD and then God said cover it in GOLD. Wood is the prophetic picture of humanity. Gold is the prophetic picture of Deity. If you love the Lord and have received Him as your Savior and Lord then you are an altar, you are the place where God desires to meet you. But God wasn't satisfied with just your humanity, He placed Himself in you and called you His temple, the place where He lives. Yes you are human but now you are more than human. God lives in you. Deity is in you. You are Gold, made righteousness in the sight of God by the sacrifice of Jesus.

Because of who you are you must always offer to God the incense that He has ordered. You must offer the intercession that He requires. He will not accept your unauthorized intercession. The first man, the Pharisee offered to God strange fire. He offered  to God an intercession that exalted himself. It was a self righteousness petition and God judged it and called it UNAUTHORIZED. That man stood before God and praised himself. He despised others. He declared his acts of righteousness. He offered God what God did not authorize. And God would not receive it.

In the house of God on this Sunday September 23, 2012 much incense will be offered and God will judge it as UNAUTHORIZED. Many will offer intercession that comes from pride. Many will pray with an unforgiving heart. Others will pray without repentance. Many will pray in the name of Allah. And God will judge it as UNAUTHORIZED! Don't let that be you. Hear God through these words. He will accept what He appoints. He only receives what He authorizes. Learn what is pleasing to Him and offer Him what He calls SWEET.   


  1. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT WORD PASTOR! Truly, it needs to be headed in this hour. Don't let it be me Lord...

  2. Thank you Apostle for your visit.