Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I read with great interest an article that appeared on a gossip site that Actress Megan Fox speaks in tongues. I immediately received a burden to pray for this young woman. It took a great deal of courage for her to admit that and I believe that Holy Spirit is doing a work in her heart to draw her out of the Hollywood lifestyle to serve God in the midst of that dark culture.

The Holy Spirit has been teaching me heavily about the entertainment culture and the demonic spirit that rules that industry. This spirit is a perverter and a corrupter of the creative gifts that God has sent in the earth to serve Him through creative expressions, such as writing, acting, directing and other creative expressions. All creativity is of God and man was created in God's image to be creative in the earth. Unfortunately many creative artist  like Megan seeks acceptance and a place in the culture that uses their gifts and destroys their lives and very souls. I stand in a place of intercession for this culture because God loves them and His plans for their lives is best and eternal. While many in Hollywood seeks the now, the temporary God has a eternal plan and place for them in His presence.

So I invite you to join me in interceding for Megan and so many who have the heart of Megan. In our intercession pray that God will set Megan free and use her deliverance to bring others into the kingdom.

My prayer is that as Megan speaks and prays in tongues the mysteries of God will be released in the Hollywood culture and God's perfect plan for Megan's peers and fans will come to pass.

Megan's son is named Noah which means rest and I believe that God spoke to her in the naming  of her son. It is God's heart that every creative persons live in His rest which means to live in harmony with the Lord doing His will. Rest is walking with God and fulfilling His assignment in your life. It is walking in your purpose that God established before you were born. There is no rest in entertainment because the nature of this industry is to drive the creative person until they are exhausted and totally used up.

I pray that God not only give Megan rest but may His rest be on her family. On her husband Brian and their son Noah and may Noah walked in the meaning of his name. If you are an intercessor join me in standing in the presence of God for Megan. May God use her as a witness in the darkness of Hollywood.   

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