Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The atmosphere was charged with the energy of the Holy Spirit as He filled the place with His skekinah glory. The praise offered by the 130 voice choir of the North Alabama District ascended to the throne room of God and descended on the congregation of hundreds who gathered on Monday February 18, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Saint Bartley Primitive Baptist Church on 3020 Belafonte Avenue in Huntsville Alabama.

Whenever this convention comes to Huntsville it is a coming to our birthplace. It is reestablishing a connection with our beginning. It was in this honored city that the founders of this convention gathered in July 1907 to form this eccclesiatical body of God's people for the benefit of mutual fellowship and shared goals that would unify the Colored Primitive Baptist of the United States. And the church that hosted the formation of that convention was the Saint Bartley Church. So here we are again, returning to the city from whence God did a great work in this country one hundred and six years ago.

This February gathering is the meeting of the Board of Directors who will finalize the unfinished work of the general convention that met in August 2012 in Dearborn Michigan. It is also the 35th session of the F.L. Livingston Institute which is a training conference dedicated to the theological and spiritual growth of the church.

The institiute preacher for this session is the indomitable Rev H. B. Charles the pastor of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. Pastor Charles is well known in this country for his pedagogical approach to exegete the Biblical text that he proclaims with such energy and force. Last night was no exception. Pastor Charles demonstrated a powerful presentation of the centrality of Jesus Christ in the midst of the church as he declared the gospel from Colossians 1:28-29. Building a strong defense of the measure of maturity being determined by the church's faithfulness to preach Christ alone Pastor Charles called the Primitive Baptist Church to stand faithful to Him who is the substance of our salvation as well as the source of our salvation. Move toward maturity, Pastor Charles declared, as Jesus will help us to run this race with endurance.

The institute continues today at the Embassy Suites Hotel where Elder Doctor James Chester will engage our intellectual and spiritual minds as He lectures us this morning. Elder Chester is the pastor of the Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist Church in West Palm Beach Florida.

Pray for the strength, unity and vision of this convention. We will be meeting in Los Angeles California August 17-23, 2013.


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