Monday, March 17, 2014


First I have a confession to make. The last blog that I published was not the 100th, it was actually number 99. What I didn't know was I had one draft that I hadn't released and I didn't know that Blogger counted that draft as a post. When I erased the draft I only had 99 blogs. So this one is actually number 100.
I am inviting you to join the celebration of Bernard's Word by leaving a comment on what Bernard's Word had meant to you and how Holy Spirit has used this blog site in your life. For every comment posted on this site you will qualify to receive a gift. I want you to know how much I appreciate you coming to this site and receiving what I have shared.
Today I am listing the top ten articles that have received the most views. We are taking a look back to see what you have read the most. These articles have been instrumental in bringing over 30,000 views to Bernard's Word. Of course I believe that every article is significant and I am thankful for each one written, released and read.

10. The Unholy Alliance in Publishing. April 13, 2013
9. Watchman On Walls International Fellowship. November 6, 2012
8. Is Your Intercession a Sweet Aroma?  September 13, 2012.
7. There's Treasure Inside of You. October 22, 2011
6. Pastor Bernard Boulton Releases his second book "Divine Favor: God Acts for You When Your Enemies Act Against You. June 13, 2012.
5. When Men Pray. April 17, 2012.
4. Elder Bernard Yates visits North Carolina/Virginia States Convention. November 9, 2011
3. National Primitive Baptist Convention Elects Elder Kenneth Duke as Vice President. September 12, 2011
2. National Primitive Baptist Convention elects New President. September 1, 2011.
1. What Happened to Carlton Pearson?  April 21, 2012.
Please go back and read any of these articles. You may have your own top ten articles.
Bernard Boulton


  1. Thank you, Apostle for these vital words to the Body and to the world.