Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This month four years ago Bernard's Word was launched. My first blog, Trust the Directions, was released on March 21, 2010. I have a confession to make though, when I started Bernard's Word my motives wasn't godly. I didn't start Bernard's Word to be a creative portal that published the name of the Lord. I didn't write to speak into the lives of the people who would read my blogs. I was in a different place in 2010. I had just released my first book, Do You Wanna Be Made Whole, in December 2009 and I was following the advice of my mentors and other voices that I respected and followed. They taught me to go after what I call the three f's, fans, fame and fortune. I was taught that if I wanted people to buy my books, I needed to have a blog site and I needed to blog several times a week. I needed to build a audience that would flock to me and ultimately buy my books.

So I jumped on board and Bernard's Word was released. For a season I walked in Babylon, which is the world's system, I followed the experts and I followed people who I respected and I imitated patterns. However I never felt comfortable, because Holy Spirit would not let me get comfortable. Eventually He begin to teach the way that He wanted me to go and when my eyes became open I left Babylon. I turned Bernard's Word over to Holy Spirit and I haven't looked back.

Now Bernard's Word is a prophetic site. I only write when Holy Spirit is speaking to me to write and I write the things that He reveals in my heart. And we have reached four years of writing and sharing with you.

We are taking the rest of the month to invite you to celebrate with us. I love celebrations and anniversaries. They are times were we stop to see the landmarks, we  pause and look back and see what God has done for us and in us. And then anniversaries are sign post that causes us to look forward at the journey ahead. Holy Spirit revealed to me that when I reached the 100th post the form of Bernard's Word would change. I didn't know that I would reached BLOG 100 in the same month that I started this site four years ago. And so I am excited abut what is ahead and I am grateful for how Holy Spirit has used this blog to reach thousands of people who have visited here.

During this month I will be sharing the post that have drawn the largest numbers to Bernard's Word, I will share the countries that Bernard's Word has gone to. And I will be doing some other creative things as Holy Spirit lead. I will be sowing gifts to certain persons who visit and share what Bernard's Word has meant to you since its inception. So come on over and start writing. Among the gifts we will be sowing will be copies of the books we've written and some other gifts as well.

I want to thank you for what you have added to this site by your presence and comments and I pray that greater will meet you as you come to here to receive what Holy Spirit has for you. Shalom.

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