Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prophesying over More NATIONS

Today I am continuing to write the prophetic words that the Lord has given me for nations. Bernard's Word has had visits from sixteen countries around the word. We believe that it is our call to stand in intercessions for these nations that the will of God be done in them. Prophetic intercession is when we receive from the Lord what He wants us to pray in the earth. In this medium we are partners with the Lord in bringing His desire over the nations to pass. The Lord's heart is for nations. He called His ecclesia to go and make disciples of nations.

As you are led join us at Bernard's Word in prophesying over these nations.

Belgium: The Lord says that My Name shall be exalted in this country. The people shall know that I am the Lord who loves them. I am living and moving throughout the land. My Spirit is blowing a fresh wind over the nation. I am touching every region. My servants are set in key places to carry my power and authority throughout the land and they know me as their God.

Netherlands: I have made you a refuge for many countries throughout your continent. They seek peace within your border. They seek My peace in your land. I am giving you a standard of compassion that will shine before the nations of the world. I am giving you my love and my heart for the depressed and the broken. You will be my standard of love in the world.            

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