Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today Sunday August  17, 2014 the delegates of the National Primitive Baptist Convention begins a week of fellowship, worship and education. For one hundred and seven years members of Primitive Baptist Churches in the south, west, east and north have traveled near and far to strengthened their bonds of fellowship, to trumpet the cause of  Jesus and to enjoy great singing and preaching and teaching.

This year will be no exception. The worship will combine the elements of the history of this church and the contemporary innovations that has been employed in the worship experience to make the pursuit of God a convergence of the past, present and future.

Historically the worship services of Primitive Baptists always begin with the deacons of the church leading in what is known as devotion. The deacons lead the congregation in song, scripture reading and prayers. The songs maybe congregational hymns that is familiar to the congregation or metered hymns which are songs that are led by a Deacon lining the words of the hymn and the congregation following by singing with him. Although many Primitive Baptist  no longer sing what is known as metered hymns it is still apart of the historicity of this church.

Following the devotion the convention will be ministered to by the singing of the choir. The National Primitive Baptist Convention is blessed with an exceptional National Choir. All week long this choir will usher the convention into the realm of glory with powerful and passionate singing. It is the vision of the President, Elder Bernard  Yates to capture the sound of this choir in recording. The convention waits with anticipation to this project taking form and releasing a  sound of excellence in the earth.

The message for Sunday Worship will be delivered by Elder Brandon Mason pastor of Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church in Arrington Tennessee. Elder Mason is a dynamic, charismatic preacher of the Gospel. The atmosphere will be charged with anticipation to what The Lord will declare to His people through His messenger.

Later today the delegates of the convention will gather for the  National President Vision Banquet. Another great voice in the church will stand to deliver a word. Pastor Maurice Watson of the Beulahland Bible Church in  Macon Georgia will be the guest preacher. PAstor Watson is known throughout the church in America for his unique dramatic presentation of the Word of God.

With this  being an election year and many challenges facing this convention, declining membership, challenges to the prohibition of women in the preaching ministry and a danger of deception blinding many of God's people this week will determine if  the Primitive Baptist have an opportunity to advance, retreat or stand still. By Friday the last day of the convention they will know what they have chosen to do.

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