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I hope that everyone has had a great week. This is the second week of the Blog Tour that I am a participant of. In this group is an awesome gathering  of writers from all over the United Sates and Canada. Although we all have different stories and write in different genres the one thing that we share is a love for Jesus Christ and a burning desire to represent Him in our writing.

Today I introduce to you Lisa Lickel. After you have read about Lisa please leave a comment and visit Lisa's website,  and purchase one of her books. I appreciate your support and thank you for stopping by.

1. What are your favorite books? I confess that I'm a fiction junkie, and extremely eclectic. I love fantasy and sci fi, I think Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine is the best novel of the twentieth century, I enjoy thrillers and mysteries from all eras and cultures.

2. Share with us your journey to publication? I am a local historian and I worked to put together a book of our township history a few years ago. I went on to write some articles for the newspaper, press releases and the like. I then went on to take the Christian Writer's Guild apprentice course and began selling my work before I graduated. A few years later I simultaneously signed with an agent and sold my first story, the cozy mystery, to Barbour Publishing. That book released in 2009, along with another, Healing Grace, a few months later. Meander Scar released in Feb 2010 and won a Grace Award this May for excellence in faith-based fiction. I continue to learn about marketing and enjoy helping other writers.

3. What advice do you have for aspiring authors? Learn all you can from people who have some professional credibility, take some reputable courses, find a mentor, keep trying, develop a thick skin and don't take things personally. Remember, publishing is a business, and the person who is considering buying your manuscript needs to make money too.

4. Have you ever explored interracial themes in your writing? Yes, in the Map Quilt, a former free black woman and her son are on the run from bounty hunters in the prologue. In Wisconsin a fairly large-sized, in fact, two, communities of free black farmers had settlements from early settlement period. I was fascinated with their story when we bought a farm in the same county as one settlement, and their story inspired me. In the contemporary story, the families play a key role.

5. What are the keys to success for a writer? Patience, Persistence, and a continued striving for excellence.

6. Tell us about your future projects? I have recently contracted two more books, and am writing a proposal for another novella collection with a couple of writing friends. My next novel is scheduled for release in October, and is a collection of stories about a family facing the loss of their farm. One unforgettable summer, a brother and sister and their two children come home to find their past, reveal long-held secrets, rediscover faith and find love. The book is not yet titled. The other book is scheduled for release in April and is the sequel to my cozy mystery. It's called the Map Quilt, and is about the mystery of a skeleton in the yard, a woman's claim to the property, murder and lost gold. The hopeful proposal I'm working on is another novella collection that lets me do some research into nineteenth century Louisiana and the Cajuns.

Thank you Lisa for shairng your time with us. You can visit Lisa's website at       


This week you have the opportunity to win a free copy of my novel Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? if you answer this question correctly. The question is:
What publishing company will release Lisa's novel The Map Quilt? HINT: You will find the answer on Lisa's website.
The winner will be announced on next Friday.

THE WINNER OF LAST WEEK'S CONTEST is Tom Blubaugh. Congratulation Tom.                 


  1. Hi, Bernard! Thanks for hosting me today. I just found out my new book's been moved up to release mid-September. I'm excited. I think this bunch of folks at John 316 are pretty special.

  2. MuseItUp is the publisher that is publishing Lisa's book "The Map Quilt". Please enter me.


  3. That's great news Lisa. I wish you the best.

  4. Thanks Jo for stopping by. You are entered in the contest.

  5. Woot! for your contracts, Lisa! So good to hear! =]

  6. Ray Bradbury?! I LOVE Ray Bradbury! I really enjoyed hearing about your journey to publication, too. It's fun how each interview in this tour is bringing out something diffeent.

  7. Thanks Tracy and patty for stopping by.

  8. Congratulations on your continued success! Love the interview.

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  10. Thanks everyone! I like finding out little fun things about the rest of you too. Except for the tutu, Eddie. TMI

  11. Hey, great interview Bernard and Lisa! Lisa, you look so much like my aunt that it's uncanny. She was my favorite, and I miss her! It's nice to know you a little better :)


  12. Thanks for coming by Amanda. Thanks for making this tour the success that it is.

  13. Great interview from a wonderful person and writer!

  14. Oh, Amanda, so sorry to hear about your aunt. She was way too young to go... :)

  15. Good interview, folks. I'll post a link to twitter and FB. :)Marcia Laycock

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  17. Lisa, I like your advice for writers. So true.