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Today we are introducing Eddie Snipes one of the authors on this Blog Tour. Eddie is the author of the novel titled I Called Him Dancer. I hope that this interview will inspire you and uplift you today.

1. Who are your favorite authors? Ted Dekker, Stieg Larsson, James Scott Bell, and me.

2. What are your favorite books? My all time favorite book is the Phantom of the Opera. It was one of those books I hated to see the end. There aren't many of those around.

3. What advice do you have for aspiring authors? Writing maybe a solo activity, but publishing is a social journey. Get connected. Join writer's groups, critique groups, and find fellowship with like minded writers. We need each other during every step of the journey. Critiquing allows other's to point out what we cannot see. Believe it or not there is much that you can't see. The mind fills in the missing information, so what's clear to the writer may not be clear to the reader. Then we need others help in the publishing process. Finally we need others to help market the book. A great book sits on the bottom of the sea of literature unless others are helping to keep it afloat.

4. Have you ever explored interracial themes in your writing?
Probably not in the sense that you are speaking of, but I did put several characters in my book to show the diversity in Manhattan (where my story takes place). The character most readers have commented about is a man from Nigeria named Kenyon. He's unpretentious, struggles with God, but has a genuine faith that impacts the lives of those around him. He wrestles with God when he knows a sacrifice is necessary, but he obeys. Most people can see their own struggles in Kenyon's life so they identify with him. Plus they are encouraged when he perseveres.

5. What are the keys to success for a writer? Perseverance. Everyone aspires, but as the saying goes, the race is not to the swift, but to those who endure. It's a long race and filled with challenges. Most good books will never be published because someone gave up and stuck it in a drawer.
Keep writing, Have a thick skin, Seek out people who will challenge you to reach higher and not just those who will pat you on the back. Let kudos come from those who read the finished product.   

6. Tell us about your future projects? I'm just finishing a manuscript called Simple Faith. It's designed to teach the basics of walking in faith and it written for both the new believer, and for those who want to know how to experience God more fully. It will be available on mot retailers shortly. I also provide free peeks into all my books with the Amazon look inside feature. My current book, I called Him Dancer, is for sale for .99 cents.

You can contact Eddie at
  Twitter @eddiesnipes.
Facebook: eddiesnipes
Linkedin: eddiesnipes.


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