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I hope that everyone is having a great week. No matter what you faced yesterday God has given you another day and for that reason you should rejoice in the wonderful gift called Life in the span of time called today.

Today I am featuring author Tracy Krauss another wonderful writer from the John 3:16 Marketing Network. One of the best moves that I made late last year was joining this group of dedicated talented writers who strive intentionally to glorify Jesus Christ in their writing.

Lorilyn Roberts, the founder and moderator of this group is a true visionary in the Body of Christ that God has raised up for this time to bring together writers from across the world. And God has used her to do just that.

For all of you authors who are looking for a manual to instruct you in how to launch a Best Seller please visit Lorilyn Roberts at Smashword and get a copy of HOW TO LAUNCH A CHRISTIAN BESTSELLER, THE JOHN 3:16 MARKETING NETWORK for $1.99.  

Okay today's interview.

Tracy is an author, artist, playwright, director, worship leader, and teacher. She received her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Saskatchewan. She and her husband, a pastor and their children currently live in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

1. When did you first know that you would be an author? I started writing seriously about 25 years ago after my first child was born, I'd put her down for a nap in the afternoon and then bang away on my old typewriter. I looked forward to that time of day.

2. Who are your favorite authors? My favorite authors are Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I like spec and sci-fi fiction and both of these guys deliver, but from a Christian perspective. I also enjoy some classics like George Orwell, and Jane Austen. When I was a kid, Edgar Rice Burrows was my fave. I guess my taste are a bit 'out there'.

3. Share with us your journey to publication? After many years of writing, I finally took a plunge about 6 years ago and started submitting. Many heart wrenching rejections later (all totally legitimate-I learned a TON through it all) I contracted my first book AND THE BEAT GOES ON in 2009. MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER came out in 2010, and I have another book in the publication process called PLAY IT AGAIN. It is the prequel to my first book.
4. What advice do you have for aspiring authors? Keep honing your craft. It's a process and is not for the weak hearted. Keep submitting, listening to criticism and advice, and then go back and make it better. One mistake people make is thinking that their work is above reproach. Everyone can get better, so don't do yourself the disservice of ignoring negative criticism, Use it to your advantage and turn it into a positive.

5. Have you ever explored interracial themes in your writing? I am currently working on a novel with a Cree protag. He is a born again Christian, but he is also from a long line of medicine men. He ends up dealing with a lot of racial bigotry from all sides, while at the same time struggling with dark spiritual forces from the past, It's called Wind Over Marshdale and I'm kind of excited about it. I hope to start pitching it this summer.


A forty something 'cougar's' search for fulfillment keeps getting foiled when her prospects fall for one of her daughters instead. Her ex-husband is out of prison and looking for revenge. He'll stop at nothing-even-to ruin Joleen's reputation as well as her relationship with their daughters.

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  1. Excellent interview Bernard and Tracy. I'm getting to know you both better with this tour. I have a copy of My Mother the Man-Eater sitting on my to be read stack. Can't wait to get to it.

  2. Thanks Sid for coming by. Tracy's book sounds like a good one. I'll be getting one myself when I find some time to read it.

  3. Thank you for allowing me on your blog, Bernard. You always post about things with substance. :) Hi Sid. Fancy meeting you here...

  4. I'm looking forward to Wind over Marshdale. Hurry up and finish it please.

  5. Thank you Tracy for a great interview. I wish you much success and I'll be getting a copy of the Man eater.

  6. Great questions and great interview.

    I particularly appreciate you sharing your favorite fiction books as I am trying to read excellent fiction, contemporary and classics, to understand why the best fiction stories are so good. I have read a lot of "how to" books with my Masters work, but there is something about getting inside a good book and examining what makes it so good.

    I loved one of Frank Peretti's books, This Present Darkness, but haven't read anything by him in a while. I should get another one of his. I haven't read anything by Dekker; which one would you recommend?

    I am also curious how much you develop your story before you start. From looking at one of your books, the plots are very involved with many sub-stories going on. Thanks, Bernard and Tracy, for a great interview.

  7. Thank you Lorilyn for your insightful comments.

  8. Hi Lorilyn. The 'Circle' Series by Dekker is fantastic (Red, White, Black and Green) but my favorite book of his so far is THR3E. OMG!!! It is SO GOOD! I love all of Peretti's adult books, but I probably love MONSTER the best (that or THE OMEN)
    As for your other question, I do spend quite a bit of time developing my plots. I do a detailed outline first which then inevitably changes ... :)