Wednesday, August 3, 2011


On Wednesday's I am sharing with you a message that I preached either at the New Mine Creek Church located at 1525 Malmaison Road Blairs Va,  or another place where I had the privilege of preaching God's Word. I pray that today's Word will give you focus and faith to believe God for the impossible in your life.

Romans 10;17, "FAITH COMES BY HEARING THE WORD OF GOD." What you believe is what you speak. What you speak is what you experience.


Jeremiah was in prison for delivering an unpopular message to Zedekiah, the king of Judah. But God was in prison with Jeremiah. And God spoke to Jeremiah in that prison cell.

Sometimes God will come into our lives to deliver you from a bad situation and sometimes God will come to deliver you in a bad situation. Many times in life God will not take you out of a situation but rather He will give you His Word in the midst of that situation. I believe that's what God did for Jeremiah.

See what God did for Jeremiah:

1. God gave Jeremiah an invitation: "CALL ME." God is inviting Jeremiah to pray. Jeremiah is in an intense place. Jeremiah is in prison because of his ministry. And God invites Jeremiah to pray. The word call means to make a specific request for a specific response.

I love this principle of prayer: Pray specifically and expect what you pray for. When your situation is critical you need to pray for God's intervention in a specific way and watch God move on your behalf. 

2. God gave Jeremiah an assurance: "I WILL ANSWER YOU." God said to Jeremiah, when you call me Jeremiah I will reply to your petition. God's answer follows our initiative to call Him first. Rest assured that when you pray God will get back to you. If He doesn't get back to you right away wait for His call. Expect God to call you back.

3. God gave Jeremiah the method of His return call: "I WILL SHOW YOU GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WHICH YOU DON'T KNOW." God said to Jeremiah that when I answer you my answer is going to be what I show you. God said to Jeremiah that I'm going to give you a vision. I'm going to show you something that you've never seen before.

When God gives you a vision He shows you things that you've never experienced before. He shows you things that are beyond your current circumstances.

God shows you things that will exceed your current state of living. He shows you things that you have never done.

If you are at a crossroad in your life and you don't which way to go then ask God to show you the way. God loves showing the way that you should walk in and He loves leading us the way He knows is best for us.  You see another word for way is life. God shows you a vision so that you will know what kind of life He wants you to live.

God gives you the vision for your life and then God says this is the way to go and accomplish what I've shown you.   

When God shows you what you've never done before He wants you to do what you've never done before.

Make a decision in this brand new month to Ask God to show you the way, wait for His answer and see what He is showing you. And then DO IT! 


  1. Wonderful and very timely post. The book of Jeremiah is one of my favorites. I'm going to share this on my FB page.

    Thank you Pastor Bernard

  2. Thank you Lynda for stopping by.