Friday, October 7, 2011


I have had a long and productive week. But the first week in October usually is a very busy for me. It is busy because I have been preaching at the Beulah Baptist Church since Monday night. In an era where most churches revival are held for three nights or less, Beulah under the leadership of the Rev. Jerry Wilson continues to hold their annual revival for five nights.

I started preaching yearly at Beulah in 2000 when I was the conference preacher for their Men's Conference. After a few years doing the Men's conference Pastor Wilson then asked me to preach the Church's annual revival and I've been doing it ever since. It has been an incredible blessing in my life to go to this church every year. Beulah is a loving congregation and Pastor Wilson is one of my best friends in the world. I am extremely proud of him and the great job that he is doing at Beulah after 20 years as their pastor. And alongside being pastor of Beulah he is also serving as the Moderator of the Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Association, an association of over 50 churches in North Carolina. As moderator Pastor Wilson is a visionary and he's calling this mighty army of churches to rise to it's God given capability as kingdom people.

The first three nights of the revival I preached a series of messages on Living under an open Heaven, Getting an vision under an open Heaven and Receiving Provision under an Open Heaven. If you are interested in getting these messages on CD let me know. I really believe that they will teach you the principles of living under an open heaven which is living in the supernatural presence of God where heaven fills our lives with the goodness of God.      

Today is Friday October 7 and we have eighty five days left in this year. A week and a half ago I informed you that I was resolved to work on and finish the projects that I was lead to pursue this year. God is giving me grace to do what  I need to do to finish. Since Oct 1st I have been writing my second novel, which is a sequel to my first novel DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE?. The story is shaping up quite well. The characters are coming to life and one of the main characters is slowly moving toward a relationship with Jesus. Another one of the main characters is also moving toward danger. I have high hopes for my second novel REST IN A WEARY NOVEL.

As I have been praying for direction the Holy Spirit is giving me direction about my teaching schedule for New Mine Creek for the year 2012. 

And I am focused on completing some business concerns that must be completed by December 31st.

I hope that this blog will encourage you to finish what you need to finish before January 1, 2012. You an do it if FOCUS and then PERFORM. Maybe you don't know what to do or what you need to finish then in that case ASK GOD FOR HELP! When you pray, according to 1 John 5:14-15 God hears you and God will give you what you ask for.

So the Clock is moving, are you?         


  1. As always, the clock keeps moving, but I can't seem to move fast enough! Great encouraging words...thanks!

  2. Hey Celeste don't move fast just move purposefully. We're not in a race but rather we are in a walk, possesing each day and doing what we need to do to finish well in 2011. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lorilyn Roberts told me some time back that this is not a race--it is a marathon. I took those words to heart. Being a workoholic most of my life has planted some deep roots of habit. I haven't asked the Lord for help, but rather to change me and to work in me. Thanks for your good words.


    Tom Blubaugh
    Night of the Cossack

  4. Thank you Tom for posting a comment. God is able to break habits and form new ones in us.