Monday, October 3, 2011

DAVID vs. GOLIATH; Pittsylvania Board of Supervisors sued by ACLU over Prayer

A few weeks ago the Danville Register and Bee reported that the ACLU had filed a lawsuit against the Pittsylvania Board of Supervisors because the Supervisors opens their meeting with prayer that specifically acknowledges Jesus Christ. The lawsuit accuses the Board of Supervisors of promoting one set of religious beliefs over others.

The lawsuit comes as no surprise to the citizens of Pittsvlvania County because it had been previously reported by the Register and Bee that the ACLU had sent a letter to the Board threatening them with a lawsuit if they did not immediately stop praying in their meetings. In response to the threat from the ACLU hundreds of citizens filled the chambers of the Board on Tuesday September 6 to support the Supervisors decision to continue praying in spite of the threat from the ACLU.

As dismayed as I am by the actions of the ACLU against the government in the county where I have lived and pastored for 9 years, my dismay has turned into acrimony toward the hypocrisy of the ACLU. This same group who has championed a secular agenda to remove God from the public venue. This same group who has threatened Christians and Christians across America is currently DEFENDING THE RIGHTS OF MUSLIMS TO PRAY IN SCHOOL.

That's right. I read this shocking news on WWW.BLACKCHRISTIANNEWS.COM It appears that Muslim students were not allowed to pray at the Carver Elementary School in San Diego and the ACLU has threatened the school district with a lawsuit for violating the constitutional rights of those students.

So in a world ruled by the ACLU it is alright for Muslims to pray to Allah but Christians can't pray to Jesus. That's right in the eyes of the ACLU Islam is okay but Christianity is not.

You may not live in Pittsylvania County Virginia but if you read this blog would you join me in praying for the right to pray for Christians in South Virginia. Please pray that God will give us victory in Pittsylvania county against this repressive organization that has positioned itself against all patriotic Christians in America.

This is the fight of David, the Board of Supervisors against Goliath, the ACLU. I believe that the prayers of the righteous will produce God honoring results.

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