Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The idea of having a vision that would transform my life and create a future was first introduced to me in the mid 90's when I read THE POWER OF VISION by George Barna. George challenged me to believe God for bigger things that would change the church that I was pastoring and affect the community in a profound way.

As I got older I started to embrace this concept of Vision not only for the churches that I have pastored but also for myself and for my family.  I embraced the belief that having Vision meant that I had a future. I had a mental sketch that was formed in my mind that was calling me to a destiny that was unlike my present and my past.

Whenever I meditate on the Vision for my life, my family, the church that I pastor and my business it stirs something in me. It gives room to my inner voice that says all things are possible when you believe.

Everyone needs a vision. Vision is the foundation of the incredible life that God wants to have. Everyone needs to be a part of a organization that has vision. Everyone needs to be a member of a family that has vision. Vision empowers, encourages and elevates.

The second time that God spoke to man God invited man to have a vision. When this revelation came to me I determined then that I would never again live without vision. The first time that God spoke to man is given in Genesis 1:28. God told male and female to take dominion over the earth. And the second time that God spoke is given in Genesis 1:29 He said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food."

Let me repeat this. The second time that God spoke to the human race He said to them SEE. After mankind was equipped and called to establish ownership over the earth then mankind was called to embrace vision. Where God has set you to rule, oversee and complete God has also set you to see what He has given you and for what purpose.

Because we don't see where we have been set we don't experience the results of what we see. Your vision calls you to see the provisions that God has placed in your view. Your vision calls you to recognize the potential of what is before you. Your vision makes the place where you are significant and meaningful. Your vision reveals God's purpose for what He is inviting you to see.

Can I make a suggestion to you that I am totally convince will change your life if you follow it? I hope you said yes. Spend the rest of this year, there are seventy three days left in 2011 and accept God's invitation to SEE, to receive the vision that is going to take forward in 2012.

First take a look at what God has set before you. What ideas keep coming to the forefront of your mind? What plans keep rising up in your imagination? Who is in your life that God has set there to help you move forward with your vision?

Second, identify the potential of your vision. What does it have the power to do? What will change because of your vision? What impact will it have on others?

Third, look at the place where you are. Is this where God wants your Vision to manifest? Are you committed to staying there until the vision comes forth? Are there limiting situations that would keep your Vision from growing and expanding? Will you have to move to bring your vision to pass?

Fourth, know the purpose of your vision. Why does your vision exist?

I pray that you will hear God say to you today SEE! 


  1. Great post. We must have a vision and a purpose. "The idle mind is the devil's workshop" could not be more true. Blessings to you!

  2. Blessings to you Celeste. Thank you for stopping by. May God enlarge your open doors as you see walk in your vision.