Thursday, April 12, 2012


There is a place in the presence of God where we are called to dwell. It  is a place free from the distractions, divisions and disturbances of the world. It is a place of peace, purpose and prosperity.

The Holy Spirit is leading you into this place as you focus your hearts and thoughts on Him.

The spirit of this world is the cause of your worry, weariness and warfare. But the Holy Spirit is bringing you into the house of God, His abiding presence and in His presence we drink from the river of His pleasure.

Today hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who says stop being like the Gentiles who run to and from seeking the things of this world, reacting to the things of this world, and being formed by the things of this world. Become a seeker of God and live in His presence all day and seek the fullness of His presence and when you do that you will discover the fullness of His house. And in His house is everything that You need to be abundantly satisfied. (Psalms 36:8-9).


  1. What an inspiring blog post. Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter last Sunday!

  2. Thank you Cecelia. This year I was the only one in my family in church on Easter. My son was suffering with his allergies and was unable to attend. I pray that you and your family was blessed on Easter.