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I would like to qualify this post by stating that I am in no way condemning Carlton Pearson or joining the choruses of blogs and news sites that vilify Carlton Pearson. I am writing this post from a deep place in my spirit that is concerned about this man who was such a blessing to me in the past.

I saw Carlton Pearson last night being interviewed by Bishop George Bloomer on the Word Network. Although the context of the interview, if we can really call it that, was interesting my heart was grieving for this man who had, at one point been such a powerful emissary in the Body of Christ but who now has fallen into biblical and theological error.

And so I share with you the question that plagued the heart as I watched this man espousing a teaching that is damnable and tragic. WHAT HAPPENED TO CARLTON PEARSON?

I searched for an answer as I listened to Carlton last night.

First I believe that Carlton has been terribly deceived by the enemy of his soul. Last year I did a series of teachings on the Seven Signs of the End Times that are recorded in the Bible. One of the signs was spoken by Jesus in St Matthew 24: 4-5, "TAKE HEED THAT NO ONE DECEIVES YOU. FOR MANY WILL COME IN MY NAME, SAYING THAT I AM THE CHRIST, AND DECEIVE MANY."

The word deceive means, to be cheated, to be given a false impression, to be caught in a bait, to wander."

The evidence that Carlton is deceived was made stronger, in my opinion when he said to Bishop Bloomer, "I am wandering."

But deception is only the fruit of a more deadly root. The root of deception is boredom. Carlton mentioned that he was in a meeting with men and and possibly women who were leaders in the Church. He said that he was there physically but he was not there mentally and emotionally. He admitted that he had become bored with Church. Then he said that it was during that time that he was looking for another audience. 

Carlton's boredom with church was, I believe, his first step toward deception.

But then something else that he said gave me more of an answer. Bishop Bloomer called Carlton the Nebuchadnezzar of the 21st century and Carlton agreed.  Nebuchadnezzar was a great king, an instrument of God's judgment on God's chosen people but when Nebuchadnezzar became full of pride God judged him and Nebuchadnezzar became insane. I'm not suggesting that Carlton is insane, even though he said so himself, in a joking manner but could it be that pride elevated Carlton until he became so full of fame and fortune and power in the Church that he thought he could introduce a teaching in the Church that would be acceptable because he was Carlton Pearson. Did his own personal pride set him up for his great fall?           

My heart breaks over the decline of this very gifted able man of God. But what should the Church do in response of his heretical stand? We should pray for our brother. We should pray that God opens his eyes to see once again the truth that Carlton lived and preached. It has been in my heart to pray for Carlton for the last two years that he will repent and return to the Church. And I will continue to do so until he returns or until God lifts the burden from my heart.

Would you please join me and pray for the spiritual restoration of Carlton Pearson.


  1. In my walk with the Lord, there are those who have esteemed me a heretic and a false prophet. Flesh and blood has revealed this and I have come to know that God in His infinite power and wisdom will be God in spite of Man and his limited understanding. It is with love and deep conviction that I continue to stand in faith believing in the finished work of the cross and for His Glory to be revealed in all the earth, especially these earthen vessels which He has made. God bless you, Brother and God bless Carlton. May God alone be glorified in Spirit and Truth.

  2. A really bad report of the interview. 'wandering' only means exploring. Nothing wrong with that, we all do that.

    Plenty get bored with the church. More than half the services I attend are boring, repetative acting with little or no miracles or evidence of the Holy Spirit except dancing and clapping.

    You're taking the Nebuchadnezzar thing out of context, you seem desperate to look for ways to misinterpret him. Really weak.

    You say you, "searched for an answer as I [you] listened to Carlton last night.". That was the problem, you listened with preconceived ideas and agenda and hear what you wanted.

    One of the worst examples of misleading reporting I have ever seen.

    1. Amen, Amen, Amen!!! There is no sin in being bored with church as usual! You got it so rigth "anonymous. Jesus has been left out of His church. That's obvious by the absence of love, compassion, and most telling, signs, wonders, and miracles. I too am bored! It is impossible for Jesus to be in a place, and there be no evidence He's there. Still, church service after service go on with no real demonstrations ie blind eyes opened, sick healed, lives transformed.... Enough church! Just give me JESUS!

    2. The "church" is in YOU...God wants a "relationship" not religion. We all got to be Holy, yes...but that's inside you. If you (we) are "bored" with the things that go on in the "church building" then the problem lies within us. We have to know God for ourselves in order to feel fulfilled.

  3. The only thing you can truly agree with is YOUR own life’s experience. When it’s not your experience you stand outside of it looking in. When looking in from the outside you usually do 1 of 3 things, either relate to it, come to realize that the experience belongs to another so you may OR may not understand or agree with it, OR you will judge what you don’t. understand. It takes your highest mind to process what you’ve not experienced and don’t understand without judgment, and not all are capable of doing that, and some never will.

    Nevertheless, I choose to believe that God is in the center of anything and everything that promotes love and peace and everyone is included without exception. That‘s my life’s experience!

    Since we don’t get to live forever, we don’t know what the earth will need in the next century, so we wont understand every direction our Creator takes or who is chosen to lead us there. When I stop limiting God to just MY understanding and MY perspective I became free enough to understand that God wants us to just love everyone, just plain ole LOVE them without having an opinion about what or how they believe. God is ALL, therefore he is capable of being ‘ALL’ in many, many ways and that might include ways we’ve not seen, heard or been taught before. I don’t believe God brought Carlton Pearson this far to leave him. At any time on his journey he could have turned around and returned to the mega crowd that so eagerly followed him at one time. They’ve asked him too come back repeatedly, so if pride was the problem all he‘d need to do is go back where he came from, because that crowd still awaits his return. Instead Carlton Pearson chose to continue in the direction he believes the Spirit of God is leading him, Not for the 99 but for the one lost sheep, which represents those the church has always rejected. Sounds like a Jesus plan to me!

    I respect your opinion and soft approach, this is the manner in which I expected all Gods children to use. Thank you! Praying for all of us!

    1. I Love, Love, Love your response. So tired of the judgment, in the church. I've experienced it all my life being a Pastor's daughter. I love Carlton Pearson and can't see and feel anything but love flowing from him. I don't see or feel that love energy flowing from those that judge him or claim that they praying for him to come to his senses. Does it mean that I agree or disagree with him? I would only be adding to the problem (if there's any) not the solution. We are all on the same journey...just different paths. My truth may not be anyone else's truth and vice versa. That's what make the world go round. Carlton Pearson has jumped out of the box, which is the best thing anyone can do. For the first time in my life I've experienced freedom is when I jumped out of the religion box. I looked within and finally found out who I AM. I wish you didn't post anonymous though.

    2. Watch yourself. Your thinking is the first step to "deception". Don't get so modern that you throw away the old for some more recent teachings. God said that there is nothing new under the sun.

  4. I don't know how to address you since you choose to remain anonymous. This blog is called Bernard's Word which means that I write my opinion on things that matter to me. I try to write from an objective poojnt of vieew but sometime I write from a subjective point of view. I don't present myself as a reporter but rather as an observer.
    This post is my account of what I observed from watching the interview of Carlton on Friday night. I lifted up a few statements that he articulated because I wnated to keep the post brief. And my writings are led by the Holy Spirit who has aanointed me to function as a scribe in the Kingdom, if that is of any importance to you.
    I thank you for writing your opinion, which deosn't have to agree with this post. The words that I have written here will either be justified or condemned, but that's Abba responsibility and not yours.
    However the facts remain that Carlton Pearson is fallen away from the faith (Jude 3-4). But the heart of my post is to seek those who will pray for his restration and not condemn him. The Bible teaches that the gifts and callings are irrevocable and everyhting that God has deposited in Carlton can still be a powerful tool in the kingdom of God. I seek God to restore him because he is too valauble to be left in the state that he is in.
    I really do appreciate your visit.

  5. I understand where you are coming from Brother Bernard and my heart goes out to Carlton Pearson and his family...I don't know what happenend that day that Carlton talks about and often wonder...But I know what it's like to see a loved one turn away from the truth because of deception......
    Only God knows and I look to Him to honor our prayers for Carltons deliverance and I find hope in the fact that Carlton is 'wandering' because that says to me that he's not settled, he hasn't stopped but he's still searching, he's still open, and I pray that his ears would be opened to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to him and that his ears would become dull to the lies of the enemy.
    Thank you for posting this, I pray that others would agree in prayer for our Brother Carlton as well.

    1. Grace, peace ,and love be with you Bernard, in the name of the father and his son Jesus Christ
      Are you implying that Bishop Pearson would be more valuable in God's sight ,if he goes back to a Mega Church where people clap, shout, and halla ,lifting him up ,instead of lifting up Jesus ?
      Being where two or three believers are gathered together Bishop Carlton Pearson has lost his financial respect but gain a successful Ministry ,abiding, faith and brotherly love that the multitude could not give him
      As a gospel singer I felt uncomfortable when people applause after I sing , I can just imagine how bored the Bishop was, when people treated him as if he was God. Instead of praising Jesus who gave him the oratory gift

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  7. Thank you for visiting this site and leaving your comment. I appreciate your understanding of the word wandering. That's a great explanation. I decree that God is hearing our prayers for Brother Carlton and he will return home.

  8. Carlton Pearson has been on my mind laterly too.

    During the winter I attened a night service at my church and there was a visitor from Great Britian, a young woman living in a missionary house there. She was fearful of getting back to her hotel. In NYC that's understandable. I'd driven to church and offered to drive her back to her hotel. In the car she shared her pain about all the good people she ministers to who are going to go to hell. She started to tell me she's leaning toward universalism. It wasn't boredom. She asked how a good God could allow all these folks to go to hell, and she'd concluded He didn't. I'm praying for her as well.

  9. Thanks Nike for visiting this site. I stand in agreement with you for that dear sister. The enemy is so subtle. Only he can turn our love of God for souls into confusion. That's why we can't trust our emotions but must always surrender what we feel to God's Word which is objective and reliable.

  10. Wonderful post. We need to be praying. He was my Pastor for a brief period of time and I thought about him and searched and found this blog post. P.S. I put my wordpress site information in, but the post is previewing as anonymous. My site is

  11. Thank you for your visit and comment. I'll get to your site. One day. You are always welcome here.

  12. Pastor Bernard,

    Thank You for your gentle spirit and true concern for Carlton.
    I believe you are hitting something on the head about pride.
    I witnessed Carlton bring in many speakers and pastors to Higher Dimensions DURING THE 90S.
    Many, many of them shared the Gospel.

    Carlton provided a place where at least Jesus(OF the bible) was spoken of.

    However, as I thought about some things Carlton has said about his childhood and the demonination Carlton was brought up in; I believe it was legalism and pride(towards the end) that has set Carlton up for deception.

    If Carlton thought that an angry God would send starving children to Africa, then my question would be this? --"Do you even know the God of the New Covenant Carlton?"

    Remember the disciples walked and talked with Jesus while he was on earth, but they had not received the Holy Spirit til Pentecost.

    Could it be that Carlton knew abut Jesus but didn't know him?

    Personally, I believe this is the case, and so I join with you in praying for Carlton, but not to come back to Jesus, but to come to Jesus(born again) for the 1st time.

    This could be why he became bored with "religion" and is "wandering" as he puts it in his interview.

    I believe that Carlton rejected the God of religion, and thats a good thing.

    In his wandering, God will answer if it's Jesus he is truly searching for.

    God will allow Carlton to come to the end of himself.

    For once you come to the end of yourself, you have only one other place to look....

  13. Bernard,

    It was destiny that caused me to come across your blog.....

    Bishop Pearson is simply being used to open the next portal of the Western hemispheres American Religious experience. A portal he once opened for Creflo, Jakes, Long and several other African-American preachers who were at one point in their lives a car salesman, an accountant and a businessman.

    Pearson's destiny was revealed in Heb 6:1 "Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection..."

    Religion is aligning with scientific facts only because people are having life-changing experiences they cannot deny. An orgasm is an experience you can never forget and Americans of all religious persuasions are having spiritual orgasms!

    Todays church is void of the power that was once manifested! There are no miracles being performed; there are no signs and wonders. There is an oversaturation of individuals who self-proclaim their status as prophet, prophetess, apostle, or bishop, but lack authentic and genuine spiritual revelations. They cling to their dogmatic points of view because they really don't know what else to do.

    Bernard, study to show thyself approved. That alone will elevate you to be the Scribe that you say you are and your eyes will truly behold the beauty of the God you serve.

    When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

    Gospel Flava

  14. Hello! What do you think who are your average readers?

  15. Thank you TimeToGetWiser for visiting my site. I don't know who my average reader is but everyone who comes to this site is welcome, because they are not average but valuable in the sight of God. It is my assignment in this hour to write as the Holy Spirit leads me to and to pray for everyone who comes here. I praise God for every soul who visits Bernard's Word and I pray that they receive a word that blesses them beyond measure. You are always welcome here.

  16. Thank God for this site, My devotion take me to listen to one of Carlton Songs which lead me to tears as spend time with the Lord, I then questioned myself. What happen to Bishop Carlton Pearson? after which i google his name and lo and behold, I will join you in prayers as we are our brothers keepers, no one is immune from the evil one. only the grace of God is keeping some of us, your request is to pray for him. That is what we must do.May God bless you for Jesus sake. Loris UK

  17. God bless you Loris. I too love Bishop Pearson and I appreciate you for standing in prayer with me and so many others. This blog has drawn many persons to this site and I ask that you stand in prayer/intercession for them as well as many of them have been hurt and displaced from God's house. God is the God of the prodigal as well as the son who stayed home.

  18. The only "pride", "insanity" and "deception" I see is in people who proudly hold onto the insanity that a Bible whose canon was put together by a Council of Nicea called by a non-Christian Roman Emperor and composed from non-original texts written in Greek and Latin is actually the unadulterated word of "God" and that anyone who questions any of it is a victim of deception.

    Bishop Carlton Pearson is a courageous man who respects Biblical teachings but dares to question the norms and morays of the past. Abraham questioned even God Himself, yet today's clergy dare not question the standards of the old church. Salutes to men like Carlton Pearson!

  19. The reality of what is happening has nothing to do with whether or not Rev. Pearson is liked or not. This stems from the many years of beating and banging about a biblical idea without careful study of God's Word. So questions arise that are not answered and, therefore, people surmise that the church is wrong for their beliefs.

    That there are problems with translation is no surprise to anyone who has studied language. I, too, read and write biblical Hebrew, but would have you to know what is written in the King James Version is very close to the original. Moreover, the Word of God is irrevocably inerrant; it is all a matter of knowing what It says before flying off to spread inaccuracies, then blaming God! Not only does the Word teach what Hell is, it also reveals its origin and purpose. Because our brother is not aware of this explanation that the Bible itself gives, he is disillusioned about an idea he has adopted based on a misnomer, as are many, many Christians. I don't care how many followers one gets, that does not make what is being taught the truth. I read "Hell hath enlarged herself." Wonder why.

  20. Carltor probably had doubts all alone, but just was playing alone with the church. YAH wishes that none of us would perish, the lost souls in hell now, is there by an independent decision. YAH will not make you drink IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TOO...his relationship with the LORD is definitely questionable from the start. never put your trust in anyone no matter how powerful they may appear but put your trust in the LORD for he sees and KNOW THE HEART OF MAN.

  21. Pastor Carlton Pearson's got it. He is speaking that which the Lord Jesus Christ preached in His days on earth. Keep your mind open and God will reveal that which you allow Him to. Brother Pearson you go right on with the gospel of the Father. I love it, it's my life.

  22. welp, i have read and listen to a lot. i have researched and i have prayed. and here it is. with out prayer, faith, the holy ghost and the word of god (balance) it is easy to be drawn in to what most have called enlightenment- enlightenment coming for any spiritual source other then the lord himself- is dangerous. to worship, follow any other god is not the lords will. if we still believe that being enlighten is just another way of saying that we have been revealed more info and with that an understanding then this is great but to use it to say that all that we have learned not through church folk whom are mess up and striving to make it them self but through the word of god along with our time with god has not been a real experience or true walk is nothing more them a spiritual diseases that without god cant be cured. the lord said that their will be many who will say this is the way and they will lead you astray. the lord said that many will cast out demons, perform miracles, and bring the word of god but when they get to heavens gates they will say lord lord and the lord will say depart from me for i knew you not. we don't hold the truth, we can not change the lord and we can not compromise our stand of faith if we are true followers. we may get tired, and we may be board, and frustrated, but the lord is the lord, and no man and no mans thoughts, teaching, movement, nor crafts will ever be able to even get the lord to bend what he has already decided but god. if god decides to change his mind who can judge him. who has the power to discipline god? who i able to take is seat and rule? who???

    ARE THE MUSLIMS RIGHT?: “Man is born as an eternal creature. “When God created man as such, He divided his life span into two periods, the pre-death period, which is a time of trial, and the post-death period, which is the time for receiving the rewards or punishment merited by one’s actions during one’s lifetime.” Inman Abdullah Yusuf Ali
    THE SCRIPTURE TEACHES THAT ETERNAL LIFE IS A GIFT OF GOD, GIVEN FREELY TO THOSE WHO ACCEPT HIS SON AS THEIR SAVIOR: These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. 1John 5:13 I believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God and the ONLY way to receive eternal life. “I am the way, the truth and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME.” (Jesus Christ) John 14:6ru... everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. John 6:27 Carlton Pearson understands this. THE GREAT LIE OF SATAN IS THAT ALL (MEN) HAVE ETERNAL LIFE---“ … Ye shall not surely die:… ye shall be as gods….”. Satan would have all men believe they possess eternal life as descendants of Adam“… ye shall be as gods….”, not that eternal life is a precious gift of God. ... Everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. John 6:27
    Satan knows he has eternal life, he knows eternal suffering awaits him. He would have all men believe they have eternal life outside that which God gives believers in His Son, Jesus Christ AND he delights in the teaching that they will suffer eternally with him (Satan and his demons).

  24. This is indeed interesting. I think the thing that really disturbed me was seeing a discussion on National television where Carlton Pearson was arguing against the existence of Satan and hell. The basic tenet of Christianity is the necessity for Jesus to save us from the lure of satan and the absence of God-- HELL. As I dig into the scriptures more and more I realize that so many individuals today lack the heart of the Berean brothers and sisters in Acts 17 that didn't take the word of the apostles simply on their authority but examined the scriptures daily to see if what was said was TRUE. I pray that everyone can remove the haze of rhetoric, tradition and preconception and instead embrace the gospel of the bible in its entirety.

    The video I reference above is here:

  25. A sad fall from Grace. Carlton is/was just like so many of out preachers today in the spotlight. There rise to fame has gone to their heads -thinking they are God are bigger than life and untouchable. To be honest with you right now there is only one or two Televanglist I can stomach. One I can stomach is Joel Olsteen for now. TDJakes has the big head, Creflo Dollar or whatever his name is and so many others is all about money, airplanes, cars and fame. Oh but one day- they will answer to God. There is another one of those so call men of God that was interviewed aobut his private plan and houses and cars and so forth and he went on attack. This all is just said and sick.

  26. Thank you Bernard for this post. I'm praying for Pearson, Tonex, and all the others that were once Bible teaching people and now out here not being led by God. Regardless of the many translations the Bible has, if you pray in Jesus name for wisdom and understanding He will give it to you. A lot of people want to fit the Bible into their sinful lives, but God's will be done. We are not to pray, "My will, Lord". We will never know why there are starving children everywhere, innocent people dying of cancer, etc but we must trust God. He is just and fair.