Monday, April 16, 2012


I've been quiet on this blog for a couple of months as I needed to take time off to hear the Holy Spirit speak. During this time His voice has been very active in my life. However when God speaks to me it causes a reaction in the unseen realm that bring demonic attacks upon me. This is the case for those who will hear the Spirit speak. The devil and his kingdom hates the entrance of God's voice and God's word into the earth realm. However I give praise to God that I am becoming a veteran in spiritual warfare and know how to engage enemy and defeat his attempts at victory in my life.

A year ago, after I returned to the United States from Nigeria I received a word from the Lord and the result was months of spiritual attacks as the enemy warred against the manifestation of that Word in my life. So here it is a year later and once again I am engaged in spiritual warfare because of an open door that God has set before me. And as I walked victorious last year I am confident in the Lord that I will prevail again.

One of the avenues that the Holy Spirit is speaking so powerfully in my life is through the Voices of Christ. This apostolic and prophetic group was founded ten years ago by Theresa Harvard Johnson. Theresa is a mighty woman of God who walks in apostolic ministry as a voice/vessel of God. She is a spiritual Mother to those who have been anointed to walk in their scribal purpose of releasing the Word of God in the earth though the gifts that has been deposited in them.

Every day  I visit this group and receive impartation from the teaching that is offered. The Holy Spirit is delivering me from a Gentile mindset regarding my ministry/business as a writer and publisher. My heart is being delivered from the mindsets that I allowed in after the release of my first book in 2009.

As an intercessor my heart is heavy for all the authors and writers and even readers who are conforming to the world regarding its definitions for writing and publishing and even reading and supporting the gifted men and women who drives the atmosphere of this industry through their writing.

The Spirit is saying, Come out from among them and have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness. You seek fame and fortune and the things of the flesh but the Spirit says seek me first. Seek my assignment for your writing. Seek my plans for your publishing endeavors. Seek my power when they call you to compromise your story. My kingdom is not of this world but everything that you need to do my will I have deposited in the earth and I am awaiting to release it to you if you put Me first.

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  1. Thank you so much Pastor Bernard. Truly our Kingdom is not of this world.

  2. I praise God for you. And thank Him that His kingdom is not of this world.

  3. thank You Bernard for posting. What spoke to me was what you shared about the warfare-- Receiving a word from God followed by attacks. Yes, I think that must be what's been happening to me. I sense so many of the attacks come from behind me they're hard to discern or anticipate. But it sounds like it is quite normal. Cynthia

  4. Bless you Cynthia. The warfare is part of our parcel here on earth. Every battle that you win makes you a seasoned warrior. Although we can never anticipate them we can reach a point of discernment to advance a counterattack quickly. I have become so astute to satanic attacks that they no longer do the damage that once did.