Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today my son, Bernard Quincy Boulton. known as Quincy, graduates from the George Washington High School in Danville Virginia. I've been reflective of Quincy's journey from kindergarten to graduation, since yesterday when I attended the graduation of Dan River High School because three of that class of graduating seniors, Vivica, Mariah, and Antwone, are members of the church that I currently serve as pastor.

As I reflected on my son's graduation today a memory appeared. I saw the first day that I carried Quincy to school. I walked him to his classroom and when I turned to leave he said, "No Daddy don't leave me." He was afraid and my heart was breaking as I assured him that he would be fine and I would be back to pick him up that afternoon. I was an emotional wreck as I walked out of that building crying silently to myself, not wanting anyone to see how affected I was by son's entrance into the school system, change had entered his life and our lives as well. The next year we moved him to another school, after we was so callously treated by the principal of that "Christian School." That School, Abundant Life Christian Academy, wold be Quincy's school for the next year and a half. Me and Vantoria was resolved in getting Quincy a Christian education because we wanted him to shaped by an institution that embraced our Christian beliefs. In Quincy's formative years we wanted him exposed to an environment that supported the manner in which we were raising him. It was difficult because we had very little money, but the sacrifice was worth it.

Along with his attendance in school we also enrolled Quincy in Sylvan to strengthen his reading skills. The closest Sylvan Learning Center was in Burlington North Carolina and twice a week me and Quincy drove to Burlington, an hour's drive from Danville for his studies. Quincy's initial tuition was paid for by his Godmother, Daveida Wallace. Daveida, known as Dee, went home to heaven in January of this year.

In the spring of 2000 the Boulton's moved across the country, twelve hundred miles to serve in another church. Not sure of the Christian schools in that city we decided to enroll Quincy in public school. Our first conflict with his teacher came when she suggested that Quincy stop talking about his father so much because it was making the children who didn't have fathers at home self conscious. For the first time me and Vantoria  had to assume our roles as Quincy's  defenders and advocates. After dealing with us that teacher very quickly backed away from her "Quincy can't talk about his father in class anymore" stance.

After a year in that state Quincy would continue his education in two more public schools system. Because he has had such a love for the Lord and a consecrated walk as a believer he has faced many challenges and persecutions. Many days he would be so tired and discouraged from the price he has paid to walk before his peers as a Christian. But I've taught him that his assignment in every school that he has attended is to love his enemies and pray for them. And to confess his faith and believe God for greater things.

Graduation means, a completion and a move. Today my son completes his primary school education, but he is completing so much more. Today when I watch him walk to receive his diploma, he will do it with confidence. My son is no longer that scared little boy who didn't want me to leave him on that first day, he is a confident young man, confident in God and in himself. Quincy's completion of his public school education is also his completion of a season in his life that has been full of potential. problems, promises and persecutions. At times Quincy has not always liked what he has gone through but he has grown because of it.

The Spirit revealed to me recently that I as ascend in the things of the Spirit so will my son, because of our covenant commitment to one another. Where I go he follows me. As I receive promotion in the Spirit my son will receive promotion in the Spirit.

Because Quincy has completed this season in his life now he can move on to the next season of his life. And he will have many moves because God is the God of movement. God is taking Quincy from glory to glory and from faith to faith. I am excited about my son's future because of his sincere desire to serve God and do his will. And it has been my great privilege in his life to speak into him what God has for him. Just a few days ago Quincy looked at me with a little concern etched in his face and he said, "Dad what if it doesn't happen?" When I looked at him and saw the fear in his face the Spirit released this word from me, "It's going to happen son. What you are desiring is going to happen. God says so." The concern on his face was replaced with resolve.

My son is qualified to move because of what he has completed. I am led to speak to many in the body of Christ this morning. You are qualified to move because you have completed a season in your life. You stayed focused and faithful in the season that you were in. You have endured some hard places and faced some hard situations but you stayed and now God says to you "Graduate." It's your time to move. Move.



  1. Congratulations to you, Quincy! And to the whole Boulton family. May God direct your steps as you continue to serve Him.

  2. Thank you Amanda. I appreciate your kind words and so does Quincy!

  3. Good word Bernard and what an excellent example you have set and a high standard for this child of God. Yes he is ready to move on and it will be wonderful to see how God moves him. You and Vantoria can e justly proud of the way you have directed the life of your precious son.

  4. Thank you Yvonne. Your words really blessed me and my family.

  5. Congratulations to my buddy who i affectionately call Rev.Quincy i look forward to greater things that God is going to do for you and know this God is always faithful and he will be faithful to you

  6. Thanks brother for visiting my site. I showed Quincy your congratulations. See you in august.