Thursday, May 10, 2012



On last week I started a discussion on the topic of pure ministry. I was challenged by the Holy Spirit to examine my own ministry and determine it's purity before God. Of course ministry is the continual act of service to either God or man or both. Ministry is the work that one does because they have knowledge of their spiritual gifts, abilities and assignments that God has given to them to perform.

Pure ministry is ministry done without hidden agendas and ulterior motives. It is being faithful in executing your call with the desire to please God and bless people.

Today as I continue this discussion I want to discuss what defiles pure ministry.

Once a person starts to operate in their gifts which determines the ministry that God has called them to they must always be on guard for Satan. He is our arch enemy and he loves defiling what is pure. 

Paul reveals the strategy of the devil in 2 Corinthian 11:3. Satan uses deception to corrupt pure ministry. Deception is being cheated by believing a false appearance. First Satan works on the vision of the ministry. In the beginning the person is all about God and doing His will. But if a person in ministry is not careful the vision will become more about his will and desires over God's will and desire for that ministry. And that where deception comes in.

If Satan can get you to change the vision of ministry then you will change the voice of ministry. In the beginning it was all about saying what God said. Your motive was representing the Word of God to the world. But now it's more important about what you say and what you think and what you want others to hear.

A deceived ministry is motivated by what Satan has shown it instead of what God has said. Satan deceives through three areas: The lust of the eye (what I see is what I want), the lust of the flesh (what  I want is what I should I get), the pride of life ( I do what I want with what I see and what I can get). Ministry loses purity when it loses God's vision and God's voice. In Revelation 2 the church at Ephesus lost pure ministry when they lost their vision which was to love Jesus first. And Jesus warned them that they were about to lose their voice if they didn't get back their vision. Their voice was their lamp stand which is influence in their community. History records that this church did lose their lamp stand because they lost pure ministry.

Satan loves nothing more than corrupting pure ministry by corrupting the mind of the one who ministers. If Satan can corrupt the mind he can corrupt the the ministry which comes from the mind. It is vitally important to protect your mind because it is the gateway to ministry. Out of the mind comes knowledge, thoughts, creativity, memories and understanding.

Pure ministry comes from the knowledge of God which fills the mind with the thoughts of God. The thoughts of God releases your creativity, which is the fruit of your imagination. The memories of times that you shared with God and which God used you to bless others with your ministry becomes sweet recollections that you can relive over and over again. And you come to understand God's will and purpose for your life.

When the mind is corrupted the knowledge of God is replaced with self knowledge and human knowledge. Thoughts become self centered and egotistical. Your creativity becomes motivated by money and altruistic motives. Your memories become self seeking and distorted and your understanding becomes cloudy.

When Satan gets the mind he gets the ministry. Don't let Satan corrupt your mind. Fill it with the Word of God. Think the thoughts of God which comes out of God's Word. Protect your creativity by recognizing that all your gifts and abilities comes from God to be used for His glory and not your bottom line and reputation. Keep the memories of God's presence in your life and in all things get understanding that comes from knowing God's plan and purpose for your life.

If your ministry is impure repent and ask God to restore you to purity which in Jesus Christ. I believe that the God's people are in a season where God is judging ministry with fire and the only ministries that are pleasing God are those ministry that are pure like gold and silver, and precious stones. Judgment is in the house of God and impure ministries are being exposed and dismantled by the fire of God's judgment (1 Corinthian 3:12-15).  


  1. Bernard, thanks for sharing your message and reminding us to keep our focus on God. May God bless you. Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  2. Thanks Debra. God bless you.