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I am pleased to introduce to you an anointed poet who ministers with grace and ability. His name is Nathan S. Allen and I had the privilege to listen to his presentation one day last week and the Holy Spirit led me to invite him to share his ministry and experiences as a poet on Bernard's word. This is the first time that I have presented a poet on this site and I know that you will be blessed by his story and his poetic ministry that will offered at the bottom of this page. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through Nathan's words.

Nathan S. Allen is a minister, poet, spoken word artist and author of Expressions from A Contrite Heart. Writing from an early age, Nathan has been charged to minister to the body of Christ through the pen. A prophetic scribe through Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International, he ministers especially in the areas of sexual and relational brokenness. His spoken word name is "Nations" and he ministers at various events around the Atlanta area. He also maintains a blog that can be found at

Nathan obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee in the summer of 2000.

1. When did you first know that you were a poet? I knew that I was a poet from an early age because I always had a way with words. Probably came from always having the longest Easter speech out of the kids when I was little. I always won writing contest when I was in them during my grade school years.

2. Do you have any mentors who influenced your art? Theresa Johnson and the VOC ministry are the only real mentors I can think of. This ministry has shown me the real reason the Father has given me the gift of writing. I no longer I try to write from the flesh. I do my best to make sure what I write is under the leading of Yeshua and that my motives for being a poet/spoken word artist is pure.

3. Share with us your first public appearance as a poet? My first appearance as a poet came in a secular club. I read a piece I had written and it was well received. The piece was secular in nature and I had become infatuated with Def Poetry Jam that came on HBO. I wanted to be seen and noticed.

4. What advice do you have for aspiring poets? Aspiring poets should be authentically themselves and not try to mimic anyone else. They should also learn to hear the voice of God and write His words, not theirs. They need to ask themselves if their writing moves people to change or at least challenges them. Is what they're writing increasing heaven or increasing hell?

5. How has the church embraced your gift? For the most part the church has embraced my gift. I have received several invitations to minister in different congregations. My home church loves it when I come to town because I do a piece during Sunday service. I believe that my gift is embraced because I'm ministering through poetry, not entertaining.

6. Do you have any future projects? I am currently working on my first novel and am looking to record a spoken word CD.

Be blessed by this poetic offering from Brother Nathan titled "It's time to move forward."

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