Friday, June 8, 2012


I was awakened at two o' clock this morning. Whenever I'm awaken at this hour it is the Holy Spirit getting me up to pray during the fourth watch of the night, which begins at 3:00 a.m. For years I didn't understand the purpose of getting up to pray at this time and I would protest to the Holy Spirit for awaking me at this hour. But finally illumination came from Chuck Pierce's book God's Unfolding Battle Plan. In this book Chuck teaches on the purpose of the four watches that are revealed in the Scripture and the purpose of each watch.

With understanding I now embrace this call to pray and keep watch in this hour whenever I am led to. It is a sacrifice and it is worth it for what God is calling me to do with Him and what He is doing in me.

As I am ending this watch, it's almost six o'clock, the Holy Spirit wanted me to share with you as you read this that the end of the fourth watch is  a new day. And that where God is calling you, a new day. I know that it doesn't look like it but you've got to see what I am saying with your spiritual eyes. As long as we continue to see with our natural eyes we will never see new days.

The fourth watch which ends at 6:00 a.m. declares that a new day is dawning. This watch is greatly demonstrated in Exodus chapter 14. The children of Israel had left Egypt and Pharaoh was coming to capture them. When they people saw Pharaoh and his great army they became afraid. In this new day God is calling you out of fear. Fear had confined you. It has caused you to stop advancing in what God is calling you to do. This new day is a day where God says be not afraid.

It is a new day because God is speaking to you through the Moses in your life. Moses told the fearful people, "Do not be afraid, Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today." The reason why many of us has missed former new days is because we refused to hear God speak through Moses. Sometimes we can be so concerned about moving that we miss a vital key to movement which is hearing what the Spirit is saying. We can't move until we hear. Today God is giving you ears to hear. And what you hear will cause you to move.

It is a new day because God is separating you by His glory. God separated Israel from Egypt by a cloud. The cloud was the glory of God. What was light to Israel was darkness to Egypt. The glory of God is separating you from those who are your enemies. The glory of God is separating you because God has ordained that you are going forward in your destiny from those who are chasing after to destroy you before you ever realize the full manifestation of your destiny.

It is a new day because God is opening a way for you to go forward. What was once closed (The Red Sea) is being opened by God. And that's why God has been waking you up before 3:00 a.m. He's been calling you to Stand still (watch and pray) and see (Gain a vision or prophetic sight) the salvation (the manifestation of His action on your behalf).

Go forward and witness how God is going to defeat your enemies. There is an open door before you. There is a way before you. I declare that you are going forward. No turning back. It's a new day.

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