Friday, June 1, 2012


Divine Favor was written during a season of transition where I was learning the purpose of past seasons and the significance of present seasons. One day I was reading my favorite psalms, number 23 and when I reached verse five, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.." The Holy Spirit caused me to stop and meditate on this verse. Prior to this day I was very familiar with Psalms 23. It was the first passage in the scripture that I memorized. The congregation of my childhood recited Psalms 23 each Sunday as our responsive reading. But on this particular day I was being lead to consider something that I had never consider about this verse that I had grown up with and could recite without thought.

The Holy Spirit started teaching me from this passage and begin to speak in my spirit about the presence of spiritual enemies in my life. He showed me the times that I had been injured by enemies in ministry and about the times I had encountered attacks that I wasn't sure I would overcome. And the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me that the very people who were used by Satan to do me harm had actually provoked the hand of God in my favor.

From the revelation of Psalms 23:5 I was led throughout the Old Testament to see others who were the candidates of God's favor because of malicious attacks from enemies. David the writer of this Psalms knew the hurt that enemies afflicted on him but the more David faced enemies the more the favor of God was released in his life.

The Holy Spirit gave me this story, which is my second published book, to teach and impart this truth to the Body of Christ. It is the enemy in your life that causes God to react to you with favor. The pages of this book is my personal story written with a backdrop of biblical characters who faced pain, persecutions and problems and saw God move on their behalf. I offer this story to you to encourage and edify you. May this account cause your eyes to be open to see the real blessings of  enemies in your life.

Divine Favor is currently being offered as an ebook at Smashwords,  It will later this summer in hard copy. Please go to Smashword and read a free sample of this story. If it blesses you purchase it. The price is .99.


  1. I think this a great theme that all christian will read!
    Blessings from Cuba, Roberto

  2. Love this Bernard. Looking forward to getting a copy. Will you be making this available on Kindle? I do most of my reading via e-readers now instead of hard copies.

  3. I've just bought it. Now to read it, along with the dozen or so other books waiting for me.

    Note to Saundra - this book is an ebook, sold by Smashwords, and is available in Kindle format.

  4. Thanks Martin, I appreciate your support. You sound like me. I beleive I have a dozen to read and review.