Monday, August 18, 2014


Yesterday, the opening day of the National Primitive Baptist Convention was a day of spirit filled worship and fellowship. Elder  Brandon Mason pastor of the Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church in Arrington Tenn preached with power and persuasion, exhorting the people to stand still and see the salvation of God. Elder Mason said Many of us cant see the move of God because we won't stand still.

The Locust Ridge choir sang with great ability ushering the convention into the realm of worship where heaven and earth connects and the supernatural presence of God manifest, known as the shekinah glory.

At 5:00 p.m. the National Youth Congress assembled for worship. A praise team led by Brother Tim Barnes of the Mount Rose Primitive Baptist Church in Ferris Texas brought the convention into the courts of God where the throne of God is established and His grace is available to every one in need.

The message was delivered by Minister Reginald Yates of the Mount Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church. Reginald is the son of Elder Maynard and Lessie Yates. With great homilectical skill and spiritual ability Minister Yates preached from Jude 24-25, "God is Able."

Today the George Washington Gibson School of Religion begins. The school of religion was named after Elder George Gibson, an intellectual giant in his generation who contributed greatly to the educational dimension of the Progressive Primitive Baptist movement. Elder Gibson was a leader of Christian thought who's legacy continue to have influence and impact to this very day.

The school of ministry offer classes for the spiritual and ministerial development of the members of the convention. For three days, Monday thru Wednesday beginning at 8:00 a.m. hundreds of members will gather to receive impartation and instruction.

Pastor Bernard Boulton of the New Mine Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Blairs Va will be teaching Pastors and Ministers on the Preaching Life: Living Well to Finish Well. Last year Pastor Boulton introduced his book, The Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth. Some of the principles that Pastor Boulton taught were:

1. Prophetic Preaching is releasing in the earth the will and heart of the heavenly Father to reconcile men to Himself.

2. Discovering Prophetic Purpose.

3. The Prophetic Preacher: The warfare specialist.

The material of this book will bring great revelation and understanding to you regarding the prophetic nature of prophetic preaching. You can order a ebook copy of the Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth at    

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