Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Last evening the leadership and delegation of the National Primitive Baptist  Convention met for a Welcome Program in the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

The welcome program is an opportunity for the host church, area associations and city officials to give addresses of affirmation and appreciation to the National PRIMITIVE  Baptist Convention for their presence in the respective city that they have gathered in. The mayor of Birmingham,  the honorable William A. Bell welcomed the members of the convention and thrilled the delegation with his humorous remarks and declarations of praise.

Presiding as Master of Ceremony was Doctor Richard Arrington, the first African American mayor of  Birmingham who lead this city from  1979-1999. Arrington, a national legend, brilliant politician, and innovative leader is a faithful and loyal member of the National Primitive Baptist  Convention. He serves at the Crumby Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Fairfield Alabama as a Deacon.

The music was offered by the combined choirs of Central Alabama.  The convention was moved and thrilled by the variety of musical offerings that ascended to the throne of God through these incredible vessels of sounds.

The 13th President  of the National Primitive Baptist Convention Elder Bernard C. Yates commended the organizers and participants for a generous welcome effort.

Today is the third day of the convention gathering. On the third day of creation God called forth the land to appear from the water and God called the land Earth. And God called forth the seed to come forth and produce fruit. On the third day God called forth the fruit that was in the seed.

Today, the third day God is opening the ears of the members of the National Primitive Baptist Convention  to hear Him calling forth in them what HE has deposited and has hidden for such a time of this. Now it's time for manifestation.

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