Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elder Bernard Yates Visits the North Carolina/Virginia Primitve Baptist Convention

The delegates of the North Carolina/Virginia Primitive Baptist Convention was thrilled with the news that Elder Bernard Yates, the newly elected President of the National Primitive Baptist Convention was coming to the state convention to preach the final service on Sunday November 6, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.

The sanctuary of the State building was full as the delegation waited with great anticipation to hear the Word of God from Elder Yates. The pulpit was full of Elders, Preachers, and Pastors. The music was provided by the praise team of the Kings Mountain View Primitive Baptist Church,Westfield North Carolina pastored by Elder J.R. Strickland who is in his 55th year  as pastor of that congregation.       

Elder Timothy Lyons, the Vice President of the State Convention and Pastor Elect of the St John's Chapel Primitive Baptist Church of Charlotte North Carolina introduced Elder Yates in his rhmytic and eloquent manner. And then Elder Doctor Thomas W. Samuels, president of the North Carolina/Virginia State Convention for 35 years, took the podium to raise a love offering for Elder Yates. Following the offering Elder Samuels led the congregation in the hymn, "Father I Stretch my Hands to Thee,"  sang in the distinctive style of North Carolina. One of the unique distinction of the Primitive Baptist Church is the richness of the hymns sang in that region's manner. And Elder T.W. Samuels is a master of Primitive Baptist hymnology with his sonorous baritone voice. In a few moments most of the conventioneers were on their feet singing and giving God praise as a couple of hundreds voices blended in song.  

After much rejoicing and praising the Lord Elder Yates took the podium as the members of the convention stood to give him an enthusiastic greeting. Elder Yates expressed his thanks to the North Carolina/Virginia Convention for their support of him and the convention. He stated, "I recognize that the North Carolina/Virginia State Convention is a force to be reckoned with." Elder Yates announced his text from Galatians 1:10-12. His preaching subject was "The Hurdles of Pleasing People."  

Elder Yates is a dynamic preacher with a unique presentation. He expounded the text and explicated it in a serious and insightful way. He strongly exhorted the congregation to please God as he closed in his thunderous style of preaching that is uniquely Bernard Yates.

Elder Yates deserves the support of this entire convention as we move forward into the destiny that God has set for this branch of the body of Christ. I encourage you to pray for Elder Yates as his success is our success.  


  1. I was there. We were richly blessed with a word from God. Elder Yates has a quiet and unassuming demenor until the spirit of God permeates him and then watch out and hold on. I have no doubt that this man will be successful because I can see and feel his anoited spirit. Lets get behind him, support him and most of all pray for his continued humility and willingness to do Gods will

  2. The next president of USA

  3. Do you think he wants the reponsibility. And Congress!

  4. Of course he wants and welcomes the responsibility otherwise I dont think he wouldve run for this office. I was a member of the Zion Hope Church for 19 years and can truly say Change has come to this establishment. My husband was called to pastor out of Zion Hope and we were well trained by our Pastor. Of course pastoring a new ministry is hard but one thing Pastor Yates taught us,"The work of God sometimes is hard; but the work of God is good"

    I can honestly say if this cabinet and those in this convention will follow Pastor Yates and Pastor Dukes as they follow God. This will be the beginning of something Great! for the Lord. I await to see it