Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've been reading EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. Chapter 2 is titled, "Start with a Dream, End with a Goal." In this chapter Dave talks about the importance of setting goals to reach your dreams. Setting goals appeal to me because I love seeing progress in my life and I can't proceed if I don't have a signpost, which is what a goal is to me.

Dave talks about how important it is to have goals for every area of our lives. The areas of my life are:

1. Spiritual.
2. Health.
3. Relationships.
4. Finances.
5. Ministry.
6. Business.

After reading EntreLeader I felt pretty good about setting my goals for 2012. It is my practice to work on my plan for the next year during the month of December.

On yesterday I listened to Dr Amos Johnson on his video talk about having unfinished goals. Amos confessed that he set some goals this year that he didn't complete. He talked about how he missed those goals and how he wouldn't make the same mistake next year. Amos Videoblogs always has great information that is rich in application.

So I want you to join me in setting your goals for next year. I'm not talking about New Year Resolutions but goals that's going to get you to the dream that's going to change your life. And if you have any uncompleted goals roll them over to next year. That's what I'm doing.

Check out Amos Video blog at http://amosjohnsonjr.com/vblogs.php?=64

Goals are the road map to your future. Your future starts the day you start planning. Make it today.


  1. Definitely need to start thinking about my personal goals. I've never made a habit of setting goals for the year but can see the benefit. I have a tendency to "go with the flow" and that can get messy. I'll be checking out the video you posted.

  2. Do it Sister and discover how much you will achieve in 2012. Thanks for your comment.