Wednesday, November 2, 2011


One of the most fruitful and successful groups that I have had the privilege to be affiliated with has been the John3:16 Marketing Network. We are a group of writers and authors from all over the world. Our mission is to combine our marketing efforts to promote each others work. The moderator and visionary of this group is Lorilyn Roberts, author of  Children of Dreams. God gave the vision to Lorilyn to create this place and she has been tireless in leading and helping us.   

John3:16 is unlike any group that I've ever been connected with. God led me here in answer in to my prayers. The love of God connects us and the Holy Spirit has released gifts, creativity and favor on the members. I sense God raising up this group to represent Him well in the years to come.

Of course experiencing favor and pursuing the will of God has not come without a price. Many of us have been been under relentless spiritual attacks from the enemy throughout the year but it seemed to have escalated in the month of October. I don't use these terms spiritual attacks and warfare lightly but this has been the case for the members of John3:16. Many of us have had computer issues. Some of us have seen attacks on our families and there has been other challenges with spiritual oppression and on and on.

As I read what everyone was going through, as well as dealing with the enemy in my life the Holy Spirit lead me to call our group to prayer. In obedience to Him I did with the support of our leader Lorilyn.

On this past Monday night seven of us met via telephone to pray over John3:16. What an experience! The Holy Spirit filled the phone lines as each of us petitioned God for self and others. I know that hell was dealt a great blow by the coming together of God's children.

I can't attest how this prayer gathering affected everyone else but after I got off the prayer call I was revived. I had so much energy that I stayed up to one o clock that morning working. And I was back up at six that morning to enjoy an incredible day in the presence of the Lord.

Our partnership went to another level on Monday night. It only remains to see how God will use these burdens from the enemy and the blessings from praying together to affect a great future for John3:16. I sense 2012 being an incredible year for this group. And our prayer gatherings will be an essential key to the future that God has already prepared for our group as we war in prayer to bring God's purpose for this group to pass.   .

I hope that my blog today will encourage you to connect with praying believers. Especially for you who are pursuing your dreams and other business endeavors. Jesus said and it is recorded in St Matthew 18:19. "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

Jesus teaches us this vital key to success. AGREE TO ASK THE FATHER.

All partnerships are founded on the principle of agreement. But when you bring the God of the universe, your heavenly Father into your partnership by asking Him to do what your partnership can't do the sky is the limit to what you will achieve. With God on your partnership team there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish. With Him providing you all the resources in heaven success is yours.

A partnership that includes prayer is a winning a partnership.


  1. It was an awesome time of prayer ministry! So thankful for you Bernard. Listening as we all lifted up each others request and as spontaneous prayers came for individuals directed by God's Spirit. His presence with us was obvious and to have Amanda's launch do so well the next day was just icing on the cake. I believe 11/1/11 marks a new beginning for John 3:16 and all those committed to it's efforts.

  2. I totally agree Saundra. It was great praying eith you.

  3. Although I had intended to be part of the prayer call, I was not able to attend. I am happy to read the report that it was a great time of ministry!
    Pray on!

  4. Thanks for your comment Kimberley. I hope that you are able to join us this month on the 28th.