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I moved to Danville Virginia to become the pastor of the New Mine Creek Church in 1994. Wendy was a young woman in the church and a leader among the youth of the congregation. It was a joy being her pastor as I discerned a mantle of leadership upon her. A few year later she became a wife and then a mother and she moved away to become what God called her to be. I am thankful for knowing her and the wonderful family that God has blessed her with.
Wendy recently released her first book, Adventures of my Brother's Keeper: Let our Ball Go. I am thrilled by this children's book because it was recently prophesied that 2014 is the year for children books and Wendy has entered the publishing field in the kairos time ordained by God. I enjoyed reading this story and I believe that it is going to activate the faith of children and parents.
Please enjoy this interview with Wendy Withers.

1. Tell us about your book? This is a story featuring a Christian family unit of father, mother and two brothers. The story shows brother's loving each other as they interact with each other. They love bedtime stories from the bible read by their father and the two find themselves reliving biblical characters to face the fear of the family's pet to reclaim their red ball.

2. What was the inspiration of your book? Definitely, motherhood. In this story the personalities of my two sons are really reflected in this story and how they relate to one another even today.  When they were toddlers they would portray their father's preaching and make it their own, and they had a understanding of the love of God. I am particularly fond of one memory of Hallelujah (Halloween) night. My husband and I never taught them the imaginary characters of holidays or fairy tales. We always told them of the greatness of God in every situation. So when we explained that everyday belongs to the Lord and we must reflect Christ even at Halloween, they dressed in costumes of Zorro and Spiderman and told the neighbors that they were "God's Superheroes."

3. Share your journey to publication? The journey to publication has been a road of God's favor! I was led to write this story by the encouragement of my husband. So it was really an, "ok, get off my's what." I begin to pray to the Lord with my desires. I did research and discovered that it takes six months to a year for a publisher to respond to you, if they were interested. And there were so many companies that were open to various writings. So I said, "Ok God if you are truly in this and have open doors than I want a company that will be with me from start to finish and only seek stories that honor You." My husband learned of "Author's Night" at our local library and upon attending and meeting different authors, one author insisted that I submit my manuscript to Tate Publishing. She told me of the company's reputation as a Christian company and the kindness and professionalism of is team. I reluctantly submitted my story and three weeks later received a response that they would publish my story. I regularly received financial blessings that allowed me to meet the financial obligations of my contract with Tate and my husband submitted his own created illustrations as a reference to the creation of the books characters.

4. Did you experience spiritual warfare in writing your book? Please share your testimony of the warfare? Yes!!My family was dealing with our older son's third surgery for blount disease (growth defect in the tibia bone). He was home unable to walk or attend school for five months. My husband and I both had to work part time on our jobs to provide our son with "around the clock" care. We had to not only deal with his discouragement but our own discouragement and fear of maintaining a household that required two full-time jobs reduced to a combined effort of one job. And we were in a place of "stillness" after God released us from a ministry we had been assisting for three years. But through the tears, discouragement; lost of relationships; and financial burdens God has continually kept a vision before us and showered us with His presence and comfort acknowledging that He is with us.

5. Do you write by the leading of Holy Spirit? Explain? Definitely. I remember sitting at the table praying, "God show me the story....God how do you want this line to come together...Ok Holy Spirit." It is my desire to give God the honor in everything. I even pray while I cook. I want everyone to enjoy the food and for it to accomplish what is good for the body. So it's the same way with must accomplish what it is designed to do....REACH SOULS at a young age...this is where it begins.

6. Are you a member of nay writers groups? No.

7. Did you have a great deal of support in your writing or where you isolated? My support is my husband and sons. We are very close and private. They are my greatest supporters for sure!

8. Please tell us about your future projects? It is my desire to add more stories to the "Adventures of My Brother's Keeper" and I haven't forgotten the princesses out there! My sons are encouraging me to write a story for their age group, as well as, I'm looking to inspire and encourage adults. I'm a writer...I have a lot to say by the leading of Holy Spirit!

Thank you Wendy for sharing with the audience of Bernard's Word. I decree blessings over you and your family. I decree open doors and cycles of blessings overtaking your family. I decree that this story will reach every soul that is assigned to it. May the Lord bless the works of your hand and cause His face to shine upon you. In Yeshua's name we speak these decrees by faith. Amein. Shalom.

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