Thursday, February 6, 2014


When I started Bernard's Word almost four years ago one of our features were Fiction Fridays. On select Fridays I would interview an author and then share the written interview with you. As Holy Spirit shifted the purpose of this blog I stopped doing Fiction Fridays.
Once I discover my identity as a Master Scribe walking in the order of Matthew 13:52 one of the changes that manifested in me was embracing kingdom terminology that defined functions that I am have operated in. I no longer call stories fiction. I believe that the term fiction does not fit what I write or what I present on this blog. Fiction is defined as a work born out of a writer's imagination that is an illusion or pretense. An illusion is defined as an act of deceiving, to mislead by the image that is presented. Pretense means a false showing. Thus I came to the understanding that fiction carries an assignment to tell a lie, it is the presentation of untruths for the purpose of entertainment. And when you add the word Christian with fiction then what you have is form that contradicts and perverts the very name of the Lord. To be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ. As Christians how can we write and name what is an illusion, a deception, a lie and add the name of Christ who is Truth to it. I can not and will not call what Holy Spirit gives me fiction. In the kingdom we who are storytellers and creators of stories write what the Word of God calls parables. The Hebrew word for parable is mashal and it means to tell a story that flows causing the hearer or reader to respond teaching them the way to be led or directed. The Greek word for parable is parabolos which means a narrative that communicates the truth of God by placing the earthly alongside the spiritual.
I hear the Spirit saying that as the times of restoration that were prophesied in Acts 3:21 are moving in the earth nations will know that God is giving parables to His creative storytellers to teach his creative will and creative way. And the word fiction will return to the dust from whence it was birthed as part of the language of babel, the language of confusion.    

I am excited to announce that fiction Fridays is returning to Bernard's Word as Faith Fridays. We will highlight authors, scribes, writers, storytellers who are releasing parables of faith . We define this Creative Stream in Watchman On Walls Fellowship as Written Word Artist. Tomorrow we will feature a first time author and more features will be coming forth as Holy Spirit leads.
Bernard Boulton

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