Friday, February 14, 2014


After being buried in the snow that fell in rapid succession on Wednesday afternoon I finally was able to get out and take care of some business. I was in a local business standing in line and I pulled out my phone to read the latest news feed on Facebook when I saw some devastating news. Joann McFatter announced that Prophet Bob Jones died this morning. The news hit me real hard as the news of death often does. I felt a loss even through I didn't know Prophet Jones that well. I met him once, last spring at a conference held by Morning Star Ministries. But that one meeting was an encounter that I will never forget.
I became aware of Prophet Jones ministry a few years ago. Being a student of prophecy and the prophetic ministry I was drawn to this prophet who was born in Arkansas and came to be known as one of the Kansas City Prophets, a company of prophets that have been held in reverence and disdain in the Body of Christ. After reading his prophetic words and watching Prophet Jones on You Tube I was very interested in meeting this man who walked in a level of prophetic revelation that has caused many to compare him to the prophet Daniel.

My son Quincy started attending Morning Star University in Fort Mill South Carolina in January 2013. In a Sunday Service Prophet Jones spoke  a word over my son and prayed for him. Months later Holy Spirit came to Quincy and told him that it was time for him to begin his ministry. Holy Spirit later revealed to me that because Prophet Jones prophesied and prayed over my son that he was free from snares and could enter ministry. The words of 2 Chronicles 20:20 says believe the prophet and you will prosper came to life in my son because of his encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. Our family prayed about what school Quincy should attend after he finished high school in 2012 and Holy Spirit directed us to Morning Star. And it was there that Quincy met this incredible prophet would spoke the word of the Lord and caused Quincy to prosper. WOW! Talk about seasons, timing and alignment.

Like Quincy I also would have a prophetic encounter with Prophet Bob Jones. In a dream in January 2013 I was in a Dollar General Store and Prophet Jones was behind the cash register  and he reached out and gave me something. When I awakened I knew that Holy Spirit was showing me that I would meet the prophet and I would receive an impartation from him. A few months later I learned that Morning Star Ministries was having a conference for the Joshua Generation, believers who were over the age of 50. This generation was being called together to prepare them to be the apostolic fathers and mothers to the young generation. On Saturday of the conference Prophet Jones would be speaking. I heard Holy Spirit say I needed to be at that conference, even though I am a few years away from turning 50, and I would receive what Jones had for me.

I registered and in Mid May I attended the conference. The night before I left I heard God speak in a human audible voice for the second time in my life (The first time I was seventeen and God was calling me into ministry). God was preparing me for this encounter. On Saturday I was among the conference attendee who heard Bob Jones say that this generation would break forth first and the youth would break forth following this generation. Bob Jones said that the enemy would not be able to deceive this generation anymore because they would receive the Father's wisdom. Jones said that this generation should get a vision for being over 100 years because they would live that long. This generation is the first of the harvesters to go out and gather the harvest. Get ready, Prophet Jones said to raise up harvesters to go and receive the harvest.When I go home, Jones said, the harvest will not end but it will continue. The amount of the harvest will be determined by the number of the harvesters. This harvest will be one billion souls, most of them will be youth.
There was so much that Prophet Jones said that day. When we took a break after Prophet Bob and his wife Prophet Bonnie was done speaking I walked over to Bob Jones with a gift in my hand. Holy Spirit told me the day before what to give him. It was a copy of my book, Divine Favor: God Acts for You when Your enemies act against you. I gave the book to Prophet Jones and he blessed it with is eyes lit up.and told me how the message of this book was needed in the Body of Christ. He said that He had been praying all year that the body of Jesus would receive favor this year. He was genuinely excited with Divine Favor and I was more than appreciative of his words blessing this book. I told Prophet Jones about my dream and he nodded his head and said to me, "I see that you have been changed by the revelations that you have been receiving from the Lord." Then he shared what he saw me doing in the future harvest that he had just talked about.

Yes I have been changed, from glory to glory, by the revelations that I received and encountering Prophet Bob Jones was one of those revelations.

Today as I drove through my city I listened to one of the teaching Cd's that I have of Prophet Jones. He was speaking about prosperity as God revealed it to him. I was looking forward to other encounters with this very humble man of God. He was suppose to speak a gathering of creative artist last month in Asheville, the Next Step Gathering. I was planning on attending but couldn't get away. I was saddened to hear that Prophet Jones had broken his leg and wouldn't be able to attend but on one of the nights that I watched the Next Step Gathering Ray Hughes shared that Prophet Jones told him that the Lord said he wouldn't be taking the next step. Ray Hughes started to prophesy that it was time for the next generation to take the next step and God was saying that the baton was being passed. I don't know if any one knew it but Ray was prophesying the departure of Prophet Jones from the realm of earth to heaven. Prophet Jones has taken his steps as they were ordered by the Lord and this morning the Prophet took his step from earth to heaven.

It is prophetic that Bob Jones made his transition on Valentines Day. Prophet Jones has shared his experience of dying many years ago and going to heaven and hearing Jesus say Have you learned to love?  Jesus sent Bob Jones back to earth to show us how to love and on the day that we celebrate love Jesus called His prophet home into His arms where He is love.

I celebrate the life and legacy of Prophet Bob Jones and I pray for his wife Bonnie and his family, natural and spiritual. I praise You Father for allowing my path to intersect the path of Bob Jones.



  1. The loss of a godly prophetic man is sad indeed but the knowledge he has run his race well gives encouragement that we too will live out our divine destinies before we are called home. And yes, the baton is being passed. It hurts to lose so many strong Kingdom minded servants. Lately I have said goodbye to two of my mentors that helped usher me into the family of faith. My heart is heavy but I find solace in the hope they are with the Lord. Now I must let go of my grief and concentrate on running my race, living out my divine destiny...and mentoring the next generation to pass the baton to them.

  2. Thank you for sharing, and for inspiring me to write my gratitude to Bob also.
    Welcome to my blog to read what Bob has meant in my life.
    Your book sounds like a good read, a great title. I'll check it out, thanks.
    Blessings over your further writings and your walk with The Lord.