Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am often led by Holy Spirit to pray for the nations that view Bernard's Word. I believe that Holy Spirit leads persons to this site so that we can establish a connection with them and stand before the Lord on behalf of that nation. God loves nations. He has a plan for nations and God enter nations through our intercession. One of the nations that has visited this site recently has been the nation of Ukraine. And I wanted the people of Ukraine to know that I have been and will continue to stand in intercession for them decreeing the justice of heaven for this great nation.    

For the last few weeks the country of Ukraine has dominated the news. With horror we have witnessed the death of citizens and anarchy rule this eastern nation. The riots broke out after three months of citizen protest who responded to President Yanukovych attempt to align Ukraine with Russia. Many of the citizens of Ukraine favored Ukraine aligning with the European Union. Ironically much of the protest took place in Independence Square in Kiev and many lives were lost.

The Parliament voted President Yanukovych out of office and elected as acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, a pastor and author. In his first speech Yanukoych said, "The citizens selflessly gave their lives to defend their rights and won..."

The election of Yanukovych shattered a Soviet mindset that a true Christian cannot be government. We praise God for this shift and move in Ukraine that will bring reformation to this great nation and transformation in the minds of the citizenry

I was reading an article on Black Christian News about Ukraine and in the article was a picture of a woman holding the Ukraine flag in one hand and a bible in her other hand. She was standing on Independence Square in Kiev. I declare that this photo is a picture of the future of Ukraine. That the citizens will possess a love and loyalty for their nation and they will experience prosperity that flows from a national love and they will possess the word of God that will cause them to walk in prosperity. I declare that these two prophetic signs; the flag and the Bible will bring forth a unity in Ukraine where the kingdom of God will manifest in the nation of Ukraine.

Intercessors, Watchmen, Prayer Warriors let's stand before the court of God interceding for God's justice in Ukraine. It is going to be very exciting to see what God forms in this nation this year.


  1. I run a Christian blog too and just in the past month or two I've seen tons of views from the Ukraine. It's a beautiful thing, you inspire me with your post. I'll be praying for the people of the Ukraine now too. Intercession is so important.